Post Your AFI Collections


That’s been up there forever. Dude is high as hell selling it for that much.


@STORMS hahaha, oh, man. Glad I got mine when I did. That’s insane!


Made a lucky guess on eBay a few weeks back. This just showed up today.


Got my hands on that one a little while back. That bridge is weird after listening to DU for over 10 years.


can you post a pic of the cover & back ( if there is any artwork or labels ) ?


It’s the standard Miss Murder artwork.


I’m taking upon it myself to update the Discogs archives with proper front, back, disc art and data codes of CDs, and any applicable extras from my personal collection to help everyone properly hunt down a specific item.

I will move onto 7’ after I go through my CDs, I will move onto 7".

I won’t be able to do scans for 12’’ as my work scanner (I’m doing it during work hours) isn’t big enough.

Hopefully this will be beneficial to everyone and we can collectively create an excellent resource for fans.


Finally someone to help me out. I’ve spent so much time correcting AFI’s Discogs page. You don’t even want to know how messed up it was back in 2010. It’s come a long way since.


I know you’ve done a great job, so let’s collectively fix that disaster.

I didn’t want to step on your toes because I noticed a lot is there, but I am uploading things with atleast 600 pixel scans to ensure high quality. Hope you don’t get upset if I replace some lesser quality pics.


My biggest issue is the LP one. It’s so damn hard with these variants.


If you have higher quality pics, then go for it. My pictures aren’t always the greatest. I have a list of nitro variants I want to take better pics of but it’s hard getting the lighting right on a 12" using a cell phone camera.


I’m honestly thinking of investing in a bigger scanner to strictly do the LPs in the future.


I hope you have a few hundred laying around. I’ve already looked into it for cataloging purposes and its too expensive. I’m about to look into the cost of going into someplace like Kinkos.


I didn’t realize how many different Miss Murder versions there are, damn.


Can you imagine bringing your dump truck full of LPs into a store and scanning for 12 hours straight?


The best part is, 90% of them have the exact same songs, but different disc art or region pressings.


Back to the thread’s original purpose…

Here’s my AFI record rainbow (plus some others in the frame):

What a shelf full of Nitro variants looks like (there’s more on another shelf):

My 7" box (they should release more singles on 7" so I can fill it. why did they stop?):


@dnlkdwll wow that’s amazingly! I didn’t realize there were so many to collect! I’m also jealous of your Blaqk Audio posters :wink:


I absolutely LOVE how you have your Dork framed.


Thanks. At the price I paid for it, there was no way it wasn’t going directly in a frame for protection. I got the frames for my 7" from here. I plan to replace the LP frames sometime in the future with frames from the same company. I’ve had the ones in the pic for at least a decade now. They’re a little beat up after several moves. Also, the “jukebox” style frame looks way cooler.