Post Your AFI Collections


That is terrific. On day… perhaps I will have my holy grail (Dork) as well. On that day… I will begin framing plans.


All these just arrived, been waiting to acquire a Wester promo.


I didn’t even know that LSP2 (with the rose) even existed… good stuff!


Its the Australian Tour single. That LSP2 CD was an interesting purchase for me. I bought it on Amazon years back for $5 under the assumption that it was something else and what showed up was a signed copy of this CD. Needless to say I didn’t need to file for a return.


Man, feels like Christmas came early today!!


I paid about $100 for all the cds in that picture, so about $11 each. I really only did it for the Wester promo, but I didn’t have any of the cds so it was a good purchase.


Is this from the re-release just recently? That is a damn cool picture disc!


yup, they are sweet!


Why did you buy three?


Probably one to keep Mint and the others to listen to, etc.


Because one copy is never enough, don’t you agree?


I respect your methods. I’m the same way, hence why I bought two Black tour edition STS back in the day (plus, I think that was the limit)


I ordered what was listed as a “Teal”, and received this beauty.


300 or 500?

They didn’t make a deep red version did they? That’d be sick.

I obviously missed out on all of these other pressings.


Hi, there’s some pretty cool collections here. Here’s mine:
I missed out on the Black Sails test pressings as I don’t frequent ebay that much anymore as it so rarely turns up anything new. I had a load more Nitro 12"s but because of the sheer amount of colours and no info on size of pressings I decided to sell all bar the 1st pressings and the stickered versions.


Your collection is just awesome.


Hey Steve, how did you manage to get your hands on the Behind the Times with the photocopied sleeve?


Ebay back in about 09


Mother of God… your collection is like walking into a museum. And another Dork owner! I’m very jealous, yet just happy to have you on here! Thanks for joining!

Back in the 2000-2003 era I was an eBay-aholic and got a lot of my stuff during that time. I got some of it at shows too, of course but the rarer items were from online.

Amazing collection, @4ibanez !

@_tonibell @Ophelia


Thanks man. My favourites have to be the Behind the Times and Eddie Picnic test pressings. I’ve spent an insane amount of time and money over the years accumulating this lot. Paid way over the odds for some rare promo cds, but nothing beats snagging a real rarity for peanuts!