Post Your AFI Collections


Heads up to anyone primarily using Dead Format to catalogue, it looks like it’s shutting down October 1st.


Don’t worry, you\re NOT the only one who has spent $$$ on AFI stuff. I paid $120 (over ten years ago) for my DOTP EP… just as an example. And yes, your test pressings are quite impressive. I don’t own any test pressings of AFI…

Some of the rarer items I have are things like their Wingnut Records press photo on the train tracks. I’m very proud of that one.


BTW @4ibanez @dnlkdwll @Acidpickle @BrandonsNotGrey @Snobgrass

You guys have this?



Yeah, but it looks blue in person. I remember the voting for that on the DF.


I was never a fan of that shade of purple.


I remember voting too. Do you recall the other color choices?


No. It was so long ago now. I think a solid orange would’ve been awesome.


Yes, orange or red would have been good choices.



I never knew this existed before running into that tweet.

Good score! Did you get three of those too? :wink:


Lol!! I bought 2 of them…


I think I voted purple. Can’t remember the other options now. I bought 2, but sold 1 a year or so later. I only have a few spares kicking about now - silver Miss Murder promo in hand-stamped sleeve and AOD promo cassette. There are probably others, but those stick in mind cos they’re both pretty darn rare.


Don’t suppose you’d be willing to part with one of those AOD Cassette promos?


Was browsing this morning and, according to Discogs, this is how much my AFI record collection is worth:

Crazy. Good to know that if I ever lose my job I could just sell this off. It’ll probably end up with @Acidpickle since he buys up all of the good stuff first nowadays.


Don’t you already have all the good stuff?


Not all of it. I swear there have been a few things this year that I’ve found but were already sold or I was outbid on. Then a few weeks later, you add it to your collection. You’re too quick for me.


Really? I swear on Discogs you have absolutely everything, including the one offs. Which things were more recent?


I don’t recall the exact releases, just a few Nitro variants from earlier this year and maybe a cassette (or two). AFI cassettes are so unbelievably hard to find.

At this point, I’m only actively looking for vinyl and promo CDs these days and not much else anymore. I gave up on collecting the albums on CDs. Also, people have begun pricing their AFI stuff at laughably high prices recently. It kind of takes the fun out of collecting when you can’t justify paying for things. I’d rather put that money towards other records.


Am I the only one that has a collection of AFI shirts? I have over 60…

Also, are you guys talking about buying/bidding for items on ebay or discogs or both?


@STORMS I’m slowly building my AFI t-shirt collection! :wink: