Post Your AFI Collections


Both places. I used to have some shirts that would be considered rare now, but I wore them to death and they have become garbage at this point.


This is a neat little item, given out to band and crew on their tour, outlining everything during the month, with locations of hotels, load in and out, and contact numbers.


I have one of those from the Summer Shudder tour earlier that year. They’re pretty cool.


Pretty useless, but at the same time it’s interesting to see the behind the scenes of it all.


I see 4ibanez is selling a very rare French promo Girls Not Grey on EBay…first time I ever remember seeing one for sale…too much $ for me though…:frowning:


Yeah, it’s more of a fan/collector’s piece than anything. Just a cool, random thing to have.


Holy crap that’s expensive. @4ibanez what range for an offer are you actually looking for?


Yeh, it’s a lot, but I have no real need for the £, so just testing the water really. I’ve no pre-conceived idea of what I’d take tbh. Given there’s more common test presses out in public, I’m not inclined to indulge low-balling. I actually think it’s one of my favourites from the whole collection. I think among AFI collectors this has a bit of a legendary status. I completely forgot I had 2 until I was sifting through the collection yesterday!

Edit: my Punk Fiction pic disc has just shipped - woo!


Holy shit, yes that is a lot. I’ve never seen one of those though… good stuff.

For that much monew or more, I’ll have my eyes peeled for a Dork. I think once and IF I ever get a Dork, I will feel pretty complete.


WTF?? Mind taking a few pics of the inside? I’ve never seen one of those. I love you guys. :slight_smile:


Does anyone know where to get (other than discogs) the Mexican pressings of STS and so on and so forth? I seem to be at a stand still and can’t figure out where to get them.


I keep finding the shirt I’m looking for but it’s always being sold by rockabilia… just to confirm those guys sell knockoffs yeah?


What shirts have you gotten from them?


Rockabilia’s merch is all officially licensed. It’s basically a merch outlet. Check their FAQs:


You’re shitting me! I’m usually suspicious of any websites that look like they were made in the 90s so I looked up reviews for them and they were almost universally panned and called scammers…

I know the Internet can be overly critical but with that much unanimous, unprovoked hate I thought it would be best to stay clear from them…


I wouldn’t know, I’ve never ordered from them. I was just going through their FAQs. It sounds like from the reviews that you shouldn’t order anything that says “pre-order.” Which can probably be translated to "backordered."
You can always contact their customer service before ordering if you’re iffy.


They are selling the I hope you suffer shirt on eBay, the brand is listed as Rockabilia which is why it led me to think it is a bootleg… I guess I can take the risk this once

Edit: It’s an XXL size… I can barely get away with a large, so I guess I’ll wait a bit more.


I’ve ordered from them before. It turned out fine for me. :slight_smile:


Mmmm alright Ill give it a shot, they also have that mirror image a fire inside shirt so Ill get that as well. If it’s too big I guess it can just be a sleep shirt heheh…


LOL. Check out the actual site. They may have your size.