Prelude/Miss Murder Cover

Hey guys, so with Australia having been in a decent lockdown for the past few months. I found myself with a bit of spare time while “Working remotely” and decided to knock together a sweet little cover of Prelude 12/21 + Miss murder. It had been a while since I screamed anything and felt nice to fall back into it.

Enjoy, or don’t, I wont tell you what to do. :grin:


This is awesome! Your voice reminds me of another singer but I’m struggling to place who

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Thank you so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

Great cover, @Samunseen! Really impressive transition from screaming to singing again. :metal:

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Thanks Ally. It’s my karaoke party trick! Haha

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Much respect it’s not an easy thing to put yourself out there like that. You sound good. Do you play in a band as well? Thanks for sharing that with us it’s Hella cool.

Nah, no band. Not for a long time. I’ve got two kids and zero time these days haha. I mainly just record covers for fun now when I’ve got an hour or two to spare

This is amazing. Good job

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