Pressing information for earlier AFI records


The only mention I’ve ever seen is from Geoff.


Both sides say “Side B”? I have colored vinyls so I’ll have to check.

That is what you meant, correct?


The labels are correct, side A on one side and side B on the other, but both sides of the records have the music for side B, starting with Fishbowl.


re the Bacteria Sour vol 1, Ive got the silver cover/red vinyl #/15 and copper sleeve/red vinyl #/17. They cost me $400 each. I have all the more common versions, but none of the pressings /6 or /4. Wish I could get hold of more!


Yeah some of those are pretty scarce. I’ve got the three most common variants, but my knowledge on the others is limited.


I still get baffled hearing about all of these variants…

LOL I thought I was crazy back when I bought my BC years ago… I’m glad I wasn’t as crazy as I thought.


If you need any info, let me know. The Pusfan site GK mentioned is quite good though, and I think has all the info you’d need. This release actually got me into listening to some kinda differnt stuff (e.g. Pushead’s band). I have a few of their releases. Some of their stuff is very highly prized due to rarity and the quality of the art and physical quality (e.g. metallic foil, thermo inks, glow in the dark).

Shame GK’s site never happened. I sent him pics for the site of some of my early rarities that he didn’t have.


Yes you are correct. Thought i was crazy at first or they messed up on the labels. Never even heard of this variant up i popped up on this here board. There’s no mention of it on discogs either.


Yeah I’ve never seen it in any collections or anything.


Sounds like an error with the record more than anything. It’s still really neat.


Was going to return it back to the store but decided to keep once i figured it was pretty rare.


Do you have pictures? Which green variant is it?


Yeah, it’s funny how the errors make those versions even more rare than the actual variants.


I dont see the un numbered pink eddies picnic on here they were limited to 20 as im 1-180 where hand numbered by geoff and davey If im correct the other 20 were given to the band to do as they wished and I think I actually cherish it more than dork evem though Inpaid like 175$ for it and…for dork​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I sold mine years ago, might even be to someone on here. The first 20 were unnumbered, so the numbers start at 21.