Question: Best pressing of the Nitro variants?

I know several DFers collect the various variants, but does anyone actually spin them?

If you do, which pressing is your preference? Which one do you think sounds the best?

I ask because I think the new TAOD Newbury variant sounded just awful as do a vast majority of the variants. Listening on Spotify sounds better than vinyl for these albums IMO. I’m not a fan of the remastered 2014 releases either.

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As one of the people who actually play their records, I tend to stick to the boring pressings (black/grey) and they all sound pretty poor. We know Nitro put the least amount of money in the pressings for maximum profit. We truly need 180 grams with actual love and care put into them.


I don’t bother playing any of the Nitro presses. None of these albums were mastered for vinyl and they all sound sub-par.

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Does Nitro still own the masters? I want to know the story behind the “remasters” and why the random color variants from Nitro stopped around 2012 and how Bicycle/Concord go involved.

Id kill to hear vpoy, symaoye, and aod remix remastered on 180 gram vinyl

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180g vinyl =/= better sounding record. I’d be happy with just a good master.

Speaking of 180g… Does anyone know about this release? Seems like a mistake and duplicate.

That is definitely not 180 gram for those cheap represses. I do have a copy of BSITS that may have accidentally been pressed on 180g though.

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