Quick The New Patron t-shirt I'm making


I’m hoping to finish this design tomorrow and have it printed to wear it for the Houston show. I still have to desgin the back. On the botton it will have the cheering SYMAOYE hands, in the top it will say “The New Patron Saints and Angels” and in the middle I will put the huge devil I painted in my wall.

Let me know if you have any suggestions/ideas.


Damnnnnn. I want one.


What print shop are you going with? Getting a fully printed shirt I would think would be a challenge.

Like @Acidpickle said, I want one too. :slight_smile:


I will do it with a local shop that prints sublimated fabric. I don’t know how much it will cost to print. I will let you know once I have it (I should have it Friday/Saturday). I just finished the design. If I’m happy with how it looks once printed, I will start designing more!


That’s so rad! I’d buy one for sure!


Had to make some minor adjustments but here it is!


Dude, that is sick!!!


How much did it cost you? That’s sick


Wow! That looks amazing!


It was 30 bucks, definitely worth it!


Damnnnnnnnn that’s awesome


Holy crap! Why didn’t I do something like this when they played Portland in July?!?


That’s totally awesome! :smiley:


This is amazing!!! How can I get one?!


Hey, sorry for the late reply. I can get one printed for you if you want? It costed me $30 to print.