Rank songs from Bodies

Starting from your favorite, rank your favorite to your least favorite song on Bodies

1)Twisted Tongues
2)Looking Tragic
3)Tied to a Tree
5)Far Too Near
6)Back From the Flesh
7)Begging For Trouble
8)No Eyes
9)Death of the Party
10)On Your Back
11)Escape From Los Angeles

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Funny… today I was thinking that the songs were in a weird order. I miss the days where AFI opened with more of an Intro track. I think “Back From the Flesh” would’ve been fitting.

  1. Twisted Tongues
  2. No Eyes
  3. Dulcería
  4. Escape From Los Angeles
  5. Back From The Flesh
  6. Far Too Near
  7. Looking Tragic
  8. On Your Back
  9. Tied To a Tree
  10. Begging For Trouble
  11. Death of the Party

You like Death of the Party the least? That’s actually one of my faves on this record.

If I had to pick a fav… it’d be that or Twisted Tongues.


Honestly, It’s hard for me to pick a least favourite because I love each song in its own way, but I think the one I’ve listened to the least is The Death of the Party and that’s why it’s at the bottom of my list. But I definitely wouldn’t say it’s my least favourite.

  1. No Eyes
  2. Tied to a Tree
  3. Far Too Near
  4. Begging For Trouble
  5. Death of the Party
  6. Twisted Tongues
  7. Dulceria
  8. On Your Back
  9. Looking Tragic
  10. Back From the Flesh
  11. Escape From Los Angeles

I’ve been giving No Eyes a lot more credit lately. Although I like Looking Tragic more than you, you have a unique line up. Thanks for sharing!