Recently surfaced AFI concert vid - Warped 2002 (?)


I wanted to watch AFI perform The Despair Factor again from one of the London shows in 2003 - AND CAME ACROSS THIS.

What sick fucking quality! Did someone here upload this?

I’ve been looking for footage from this show for years.


Yeah, I found this like 2 weeks ago. I searched for >20 minutes live videos. I don’t know how I missed it.

The show is incomplete, but This Secret Ninja during the STS era was awesome.


This is the first time I’ve found it, and honestly dude I’m losing my fucking shit right now. I’m only 5:52 in because I keep rewinding and watching parts over and over because IT IS SO FUCKING GOOD.


Fucking CHrist…Fuck…I need a cigarette… excuse me…


Wow this is absolutely awesome!Love this live era of AFI .Nice find!


It’s got to be the best performance of The Prayer Position I’ve heard. Both Jade and Hunter’s tones sound so fuckin’ nasty. I love it.


Had to watch again and again this amazing.That stage is packed they got tim Armstrong watching on the side.This is probably one of the best live performances from that era everything sounds great,and I haven’t seen jade rock that pink f minus shirt in a long time.


Dude yes, I’ve watched it like 10 times at least over the past few days. They look and sound incredible here.


I wonder when this was uploaded,I’m curious to see how this was under the radar and if a recent upload why the wait. I remember back prior to aod-beginning of sts,Afi was going to have stuff recorded for a dvd that never surfaced,it wouldn’t suprise me if this was part of the anticipated footage because this is closest to pro shot in that era.The London Astoria show was awesome aswell so was the festimad gig but those were later post sts all in 2003 .This is a definite gem though the mix and tones everything is super on point,thanks for the upload I have a feeling I’ll be going back to this multiple times a day


You’re welcome dude, I had to post it here the minute I saw it because I knew that no one else would even begin to understand my obsessive and excited fanboying lol.

The timestamp says January 2018. I remember doing a youtube search for “AFI live 2002” about 6 months ago and I didn’t see this. So it’s pretty recent, unless it was uploaded previously and then re-uploaded. But as I said, I’d been looking for this show for a long time. I have pictures from it which someone on the DF boards sent me ages ago. I couldn’t remember what show they were from, all I could go by was the electrical tape or whatever it is on Dave’s arms.


That’s just amazing. What an awesome show to have been at :smiley:


WOW I’ve watched this a good 3 times I wish I was alive to at least feel the energy, that performance was fricking amazing.


Seriously, you weren’t alive at that time??

Oh my god, I feel fucking ancient…


Ah don’t feel ancient. If this was in fact 02, I would’ve been born 2 years later so you’re not ancient, IM the baby😂


Lol, I’m not sure that helps with the feeling ancient part! However, I love that AFI has fans that span decades! :smiley:


You’re never too young or too old to love AFI :wink:


I love you for finding this the fucking hype is so real at any ago show and they NEVER disappoint!!!