Selling all my vinyl collection

I want to get rid of my vinyl collection because I will be getting a $10k surgery next week, and just because I’m no longer interested in having the vinyl.

I will ship to USA and Canada. I will make a discount if anyone buys it all.

Burials 2x12" (black) $15
All Hallows 10" still in shrinkwrap $8
Bombing the bay $8
Beautiful Thieves etched 7" $20
TLSP green UK 7" vinyl $12
AFI EP clear yellow $15
Eddie Picnics repress black $25
Miss Murder 7" $10
GNG red vinyl 7" $15
LLW UK vinyl $10
Behind times (pink) $25
336 $25
bsits green marble $20
blood album clear red "15
atasf wingnut all the title in the same line $20
atasf wingnut title in two lines $25
atasft nitro grey marbled $18
vpoy grey marble $15
missing man black vinyl $30
symaoye white limited to 300 $35
taod grey marble $20
Medicate 7"x2 limited to 1000 - unnumbered - $20

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Might be interested in buying some of this from you. What method of payment?

PayPal works best-------------

Is the All Hallows EP the original pressing or the Newbury Comics repress?

It’s the “original” 10" repress on orange vinyl.

I’m interested in the All Hallows’ as well and the AFI EP. Sorry to hear about the surgery, hope it goes well!!

All the best with the surgery! I’m sure it will come just fine!

I’ll take the Green BSITS and possibly the Wingnut 2nd press. Can you message me a pic just to check I don’t have them? Thanks and all the best.

I assume the behind the times is the repress?

Do you still have the Beautiful Thieves vinyl?

I’ll send all the requested pictures and shipping costs by tomorrow!

And thanks for the good wishes. I’ll be getting a gastric bypass!

Yes! Still available

Yes, it is the repress. Played only once to rip it to mp3!

I will be travelling for the surgery on Wednesday and I will be returning home on Saturday 27th July. I will be getting back to all the people interested in these. I can’t/don’t want to sell anything because I won’t be able to ship them out until I get back home. I was too quick on creating this thread.


Thanks, man. Hope everything goes well.

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Just to clarify, I DO want to sell these but it would be very irresponsible to receive your money, and not be able to send anyhing for 2 weeks.


Is the blood album still available? I would like that one if it’s in good condition :slight_smile:
Good luck with the surgery!