Senior Citizen creates "Reaction Video" to "Love Like Winter" by request


Here’s a video that any AFI fan needs to see… it is William Roeben aka NearlySeniorCitizen on YouTube. By request via YouTube comments to make a reaction video, he has made a reactive video to AFI’s “Love Like Winter” (long version) music video. This song is from Decemberunderground from the 2006 era.

I also must highlight the fact and question of, how often do you see older folks such as William doing these types of videos? That is also something that I find very awesome and intriguing. Check it out -

William makes some very interesting observations. I, myself, very much enjoyed this reaction video of William’s. He’s well-spoken, honest and clearly has wisdom.



I need to actually watch this when I get home from work; it looks like gold.


Yes, it’s a very good video. William actually responded to my tweets as well. :slight_smile:


If it wasn’t socially unacceptable to watch this at work, but alas, I am currently researching in the library, and it might be frowned upon.


Nah, something to look forward to. I very much appreciate an older man genuinely watching the video and giving some very “warm” thoughts about the song and video.


Lol I’ve never seen this before. I like his unbiased opinion on the music itself. I was fully expecting him to make some sort of rude comment about what the band looks like (i.e. Davey).

That being said, someone should have suggested The Leaving Song Pt. II. Or, better yet, Totalimmortal. :joy:


Let’s not traumatize the poor man. LOL. But this is a great vid.