Sing the Sorrow 15th Anniversary Bundle (Now available for everyone!)


Easter Weekend Deal: FREE Shipping on this package through Sunday night at 11:59PM PST. Heads up everyone: FREE shipping on this package this weekend.

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UPDATE: The Sing the Sorrow Anniversary Bundle is now available for everyone. Go to this link to get your bundle!

Who else got this?!

AFI’s 2003 hit album on Dreamworks, “Sing the Sorrow” is approaching its 15th Anniversary release date. With that being said and only currently available via a Despair Faction link, you can pre-order this merch bundle.

It is NOT technically a DF bundle, but awesome nonetheless!

I got excited at first and thought there was a re-release of the vinyl or something.

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That was the most disappointing email I’ve ever gotten.


Tell me about it. Most bands when doing something like this go big. But no, tote bag and poster :+1:


I was expecting a re-release as well…but in the end happy to have a new shirt for my collection :slight_smile: Ordered already :stuck_out_tongue: Even though I moving out of the US soon…the package should arrive to my office and then will ask someone to send it to me to my new destination :slight_smile:


And t-shirt.

The design is shit though. Doesn’t look like anything I remember from STS. Debating on purchasing.


An hour later and I still can’t get over how bad that art is. It looks like they stole the design from someone’s deviantart page from mid-00s. Makes me miss when Alan Forbes did all of the band’s album art.


Yeah, at first glance I thought “aw, sweet, I gotta get this!” Then I looked closer. I think I’ll pass. Really looks nothing like the Sing the Sorrow stuff from '03 aside from the color scheme. Even the font is a cheap imitation. It’s just another money grab, I’m afraid. :anguished:


I feel like the benefit of “being” a DF member now is first shot at all of these cash grabs. Every email is “limited this” or “limited that.” These things are literally only limited because they decide not to make too many.

Whoever is in charge of the band’s merch situation is so out of touch with what the fans actually want. Give us more vinyl (Seriously, how have they not released a single on vinyl since CL??), cooler posters, or get creative like they did with that blanket. Bring out something to get the collectors excited. So much of the merch recently is uninspiring. Even the shirts are boring. Like most of those 25 year anniversary shirts were a miss compared to the hits.


Totally nailed the deviant art comparison! Also miss the cinder block tag for some reason


Yeah this is dreadful!
I saw some people talking about the 15th anniversary on Instagram and even some wishful speculation of some Sing the Sorrow shows following recent videos of Adam practicing with a STS drum kit in shot!
Such an opportunity to do something cool, a new vinyl maybe or at very least some actual merchandise with the right logo on. Hugely dissapointing if this is how they mark the anniversary of such a masterpiece. I don’t think I’ll be investing…


I somehow bought 85% of the blood merch, and when I displayed it one day, I realized I essentially own 10 of the same pieces of clothing with minor differences.

Is asking for a Silver STS Vinyl repress so much to ask for? Give us silver on silver and a black on black edition ffs.

Also, an extra LP with all the demos and b sides on it. :drooling_face:


I get the disappointment but I was still excited to see it.

I pre-ordered the bundle in a Small.


I knew if someone on this board would buy one it would be you :wink:


I want an unlimited pressing of STS on black vinyl. Keep the red edition valuable.


Thought they didn’t want to look back on their career and do special editions/tours? Interesting how they change.


I’m not entirely certain the band orchestrated this. They seem so uninvolved with the direction of their merch. It doesn’t seem like the band themselves actually care about this kind of stuff anymore.


I recall them saying that too about having no interest in anniversary shows awhile ago,wouldn’t it be awesome if they did and sts show/five flowers mini tour with synesthesia,reivers music, and now the world.
Question about STS vinyl was there A silver cover vinyl and a red cover?All I’ve seen red


Only red for the vinyl edition.


We should keep an eye on Hot Topic and keep an eye out anyway for additional vinyl opportunities.


Shit, we need to hook you up with a meet and greet, sir.