Sing the Sorrow 15th Anniversary Bundle (Now available for everyone!)


That would be nice :slight_smile: Although I should me out of the US in 2 weeks…starting a new life in Ontario, Canada :slight_smile: So I hope any forum member lives there :slight_smile: Otherwise, if I come back here for work…I can maybe take a quick detour to meet you guys in a middle point :wink:


… I meant with THE BAND since you’ve never seen AFI live yet.



Not gonna lie, I bought it. But yeah, it’s not as awesome as any of the original STS merch. I wish I still had my STS shirt, it got lost in a move somewhere, sadly. At least I still have my STS vinyl!


I live in the heart of the bay area,I remember you said you lived in San jo,if you don’t mind me asking why the move?ALOT of people are leaving silicon valley for Canada


Oh…the band?! Sure! Would love to meet them and greet them and everything else :smiley: I dream with Davey the other day…it was nice…we were on a party…and I was telling him a story…I looked at him and told him “You’re friend, don’t you?” and he told me “Of course Blag, I’m your friend”…that was totally awesome :slight_smile: Never dream with Davey before…

Hope I got the chance to see them live in Canada…and if there’s a meet and greet somewhere…just let me know to schedule my time and get there no matter what :slight_smile:

Damn @STORMS now you got me excited! Meet Hunter, Davey, Jade and Adam would be so crazy! :smiley:


I used to live in San Jose :slight_smile: Now that I will be moving…I’m living in Mountain View for the next couple of weeks…why I’m leaving? The Silicon Valley is too competitive…rents are way to high and people only like to hang out with their own nationalities and not interact with other people :frowning:

Also…we used to live in Montreal before coming to the US…and my company is giving me the chance to move to Toronto…which is great for us :slight_smile:

On a side note…when I was younger I lived in Mexico and Bolivia…and I was born in Peru…so…you could say I’m used to traveling :stuck_out_tongue: Which is not always funny for my wife and daughter, but they are happy to move too :slight_smile:


Toronto has a pretty good music scene, and some sweet record shops. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it up there! I know there are some AFI fans up there, but I haven’t managed to get them to do more than lurk on the board here :smiley:


Wow I admire the hell out your worldliness.Dude your so right people are segregating not just socially but in the workplace too now so sad to see its super materialistic too.No kidding about the rents my mortgage for my house in Fremont is cheaper than most rents.Check this my tiny STUDIO apt was 700 less than my mortgage now!Good luck with the move!


Thanks @sayasha I will let you guys know once I move there :smiley:


Yeah…it’s kinda sad…but I guess that’s what it is when your surrounded by technology everywhere :frowning:

I remember that I used to complain paying 1,100 canadian dollars for a 2 bedroom apartment in Montreal…only to came here and pay $2,500 here in Mountain View :frowning:

Thanks! We’re moving all our stuff with us :slight_smile: So…new home…same furniture :wink: Will keep you guys posted :slight_smile:


All of this is done via and however works. There’s surely some connection, but it seems mainly third party. Granted, when was around, that was third party but I know Fritch had involvement.

Things like these would probably perform better or have better fan engagement if they did a simple twitter poll from their AFI twitter. “Would you rather have this, this or this kind of bundle?”, etc.

Me too; I bought it the second I saw it available. I missed out on all of the other anniversary shirts so I wanted to make sure I got this.


They could use the members of this forum to focus test merch. We’d save them a lot of time.


Just thinking back to the release of this album… so much was changing. Between The Art of Drowning and Sing the Sorrow, a lot changed. The biggest change was the creation of the Despair Faction in 2002.

I’m so glad I was able to be around during this time. For anyone who wasn’t, it was just such a lively time for AFI. There was also no active side projects so all time was seemingly devoted to AFI.


I am about 35 mins east of Toronto… you will dig it here


Awesome! Thanks :slight_smile: I’m sure I’m going to enjoy Toronto a lot :slight_smile:


This bundle is now available for all! Check the first post. I’m about to update it.


Was definitely an exciting time to be following the band. They had a proper cult status before breaking through into the alternative mainstream for a while


Everyone has different opinions of art. This artist has designed many things (including the Red Rocks lithograph) for AFI.


Yes, everyone can have an opinion and I have shared mine.


The art is alright, just doesn’t Instantly make me think of sing the sorrow in any way. The whole set just comes across as a half assed cash grab.