Sing the Sorrow 15th Anniversary Bundle (Now available for everyone!)


@Ophelia who did do the art for this? I also heard they did this art in homage to STS… they didn’t want to copy it.


Linas Garsys, he’s done a lot of AFI stuff over the years.


Yes, that’s right. Here’s his Instagram post about the project


I feel like there’s a real missed opportunity here for something awesome for record store day, y’know? Has AFI ever done a record store day release? Does anyone know?


I like the art. I think it’s just a grittier take of STS.

Plus, Linas states why it looks the way it does:

Finally can share this. AFI asked me to do a design commemorating the 15 anniversary of sing the sorrow. Wanted to make sure it wouldn’t insult Alan Forbes works on the original and be more an homage to it all with the dead leaves under the nightingale. #afi #singthesorrow #afireinside also a few afi rare prints I did in my big cartel store, link in profile

My only gripe about it is the items in it, but that’s not AFI’s fault. I will likely never use the tote bag. Then again, I bought the Blood blanket and never plan to use it! LOL :slight_smile:

However, overall I am very happy with it and was extremely hyped when I saw it available… and bought it basically instantly.

A few fun facts… I’ve stated these before, but could be interesting if you didn’t know already.

  • All of AFI’s store items are sold through Artist Arena, yes, including the latest DF bundle. They are the new “CinderBlock”:
  • is used for our DF emails, which I am guessing between AFI, ArtistArena and Warner Music Group, is used as an actual bridge to communicate with fans
  • Warner Music Group is the parent company of ArtistArena.
  • Check your DF packages’ receipts… you’ll see an email on their for questions via “wmgcustomerservice”


They never have, and I hope they never do. RSD is garbage for anyone who doesn’t plan on flipping records online.

I’d rather just have a reissue available through their website.


I think it’s fun. I know it’s just a money grab, which is why I never buy anything, but it’s always interesting to see what gets put out there…and then buy it three years later when the store still has extra copies and you can get it in the sale bin. That’s always my evil plan.


Heads up everyone: FREE shipping on this package this weekend.


EDIT: According to my tracking info, my STS bundle is sitting at my post office like 2 miles away. :slight_smile:


Mine is also just hanging out at USPS. Ugh, come on!


Mine is in Palo Alto waiting to be delivered…funny thing is that once delivered…my colleagues need to send it to my new home in Toronto :stuck_out_tongue:




For some reason I was envisioning the poster smaller than it is…I like it though!


I haven’t opened it yet but I figured it would be as big as their “Classic Portrait” poster on the webstore.


I received the shirt and tote so far (poster should be in Monday) and I really like the design a lot more in person.


Agreed, the design is much better irl