Sing the sorrow show march 11 2023

I’m thinking that due to demand that MAAAYYYBBEEEE they’ll say something like…

“Due to unprecedented demand we’ve added a second show…” etc

Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t even be able to go to it, but that would be crazy hype. Is the forum going to be the biggest place they’ve ever played as the headliner?


I’m crossing my fingers for a second night too, and yea I was wondering the same, definitely will be the biggest venue I’ve seen them in

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Was in all of the presales and the public sale and still no dice on worthwhile tickets. If anyone has 2 GA tix that they are willing to part with, please reach out. I’ll be forever grateful.

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Same, I even got tickets in my cart this morning and had an issue with my credit card, had to start over and lost them. Ah well, hope we both get to go!

I find it appalling that Ticketmaster is selling floor seats for over $1500. They have this platinum ticket with price ranges up into the thousands. This doesn’t seem consistent with what AFI is about, you know, scalping your fans with ticket prices that drain our savings account. I say shame on Ticketmaster for the way they have exploited music and made it unattainable for the people who are true fans and shame on AFI for using Ticketmaster. There are other ways.

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Wait what? I Thought this was the official one?

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I’ll take that as a compliment… :slight_smile:

But no, there is no official AFI forum anymore… hasn’t been one in many years - that’s actually why I started this forum a few years ago… I think in 2017 I opened it? I’ve been trying to get linked on their website for a long time… with no luck. Hell, AFIHQ aren’t even linked on it right now, which is odd.


I went in and yea, seemed like prices were insanely high. I live in Chicago so $700x2 + fees before flights and hotels kept me from buying. It’s gonna be an epic show!!

Hey guys,
I’ve been a fan for almost 20 years, started with STS and that’s why I HAD to try to get tickets, even though I live in germany and It’ll be a crazy trip to California. Anyway, out of FOMO, well more like PANIC of not beeing able to attend the show, my girlfriend, my best friend and I accidently bought 6 tickets, even though we only need 3! We want to sell them WITHOUT any intention of making profit to fans. I hope I’ll find some fans who’d like to buy 3 tickets, just right next to us.
Sec 212, Row 6, Seat 11, 12 and 13, We paid 260 USD/each on ticketmaster.
Just DM me if you’re interested.

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