Some LP’s and 7” For sale

I’m going to be listing some 12” lps on eBay but before I do I’d like to see if anyone on here would like first crack at buying. First request gets head of the line. USA only too, don’t want to deal with customs and insurance…unless you are willing to pay for that. You can PM me here or on Instagram @snobgrass42

PayPal only.

STS clear red double 12” - $175.00
DU 12” - $75.00
CL 12” - $75.00
Behind the Times 7” 1st pressing $150
All 4 of the blood album limited colored versions 12” - $50 each of $175 for all
Miss Murder remixes $50
ATASF Sealed Wingnut pressing $40
Black Audio LP’s $30 each
Burials LP $40
Signed Xtrmst LP$40
Sealed Xtrmst Cassette $25

Are the blood album 12"s still sealed?

I’m 99% sure they are all sealed. I’ll check when I get home but I don’t think I opened them.

Yes, still factory sealed.

More for sale, ask me for pricing if you see anything that interest you.


@Snobgrass it’s a bit painful for me to see you selling, but I suppose there’s always that time to part with things.

@STORMS I’m selling my house soon and figure it’s time to pass along my collection. It’s been fun putting this together over the years but feel it’s time to let others enjoy it too.


How much for the love like winter promo. 2nd from the right at the top of the cd’s?

What are the white and black 7 inches in the top right corner?

Those are the first and second pressings for the AFI/Heckle split…afi on one side athe heckle in the other. They press 300 on white and 700 black. I’d do $25 for the black and $40 for the white…

It’s really amazing how the prices of the early 7"s have dropped.

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It certainly is…kind of a bummer but what can ya do.

I’d like to know more about the STS 12" I have one but it’s scary to only have one nowadays.
Feel free to private message me.

Oh, and I’m lacking a DU 12". Let me know while I figure out my money situation.

Unfortunately those 2 are gone both of those went super fast. My apologies.

Bummer. I got the money like an hour ago too. Ugh. I don’t want to pay a ridiculous price for STS. Thank you for sharing your collection with everyone on DF. = )

Do you still have Burials or any of the Blood Album variants?

Unfortunately I do not, my entire collection has been sold.

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Omg! So fast. :cry: oh well, ty for giving everyone here a chance first. :black_heart::v:t3: I had my collection of band shirts & vinyls including all of my AFI collection & everything else I owned stolen years ago when moving with my ex to another state for school. Still haven’t gotten my collection back together. I had items that were irreplaceable memory wise. U know? Next time I moved I didn’t drive; I flew instead cuz that was a horrible experience. Sorry for the extra info. Lol. Have a great day everyone :metal:t3::slight_smile: