Soundcheck clips circa 2003


A testament to how completely obsessed I am with AFI, I get all excited over two very short, poor sound quality old-ass clips I somehow managed to dig up by accident.

I’ve never seen these before, so I don’t know if anyone else here has either, but anything - I mean anything - from the Sing the Sorrow tour is gold in my opinion.

I’m assuming these are from a DF only soundcheck back in the day. The first clip is A Winter’s Tale(!), the second is Cruise Control.

Random note: I love how casual Davey is in the first video. :slight_smile:


Wonder which shows these happened before. I went to one of the NYC Irving Plaza soundchecks (pretty sure it was day two, Feb 1 2003). They played their cover of Rejected after my friend and I yelled for it, and I wanna say No Poetic Device? I might be remembering the second song wrong, but it was definitely a fast one from Black Sails. The performance had a similar vibe to the first clip here.

Anyone else go to any of these around this time and remember what they played?


I went to the soundcheck for day 1, but can’t remember much. I was just coming off of having a bad concussion, so I was lucky I was even allowed to go. But I do remember how casual and chill it seemed.