South East shows in July!


Alright, let’s start a roll call for the Atlanta, GA show and the Nashville, TN show! I will obviously be there…and my partner in crime (Caleb) will also be there! Who else is going?


I actually thought about going to this last night… but I’m going to have to wait. I’m from York, PA. I just saw them in NJ.

Do you think they will tour again after this tour or will there likely be like a year break? Well, between AFI and Dreamcar I’m sure Davey has his hands full.


There’s a possibility that they might take a bit of a break after this tour. Since Adam is also a new dad. I mean, they’ve had two legs of the Blood Tour, and then this one as well. They’ve also been over seas.

Obviously no one can be too sure though.


Very true… yeah, they will likely take a break or at least do more shows but on the West Coast.

The next time they come around I’m determined to go to all surrounding shows and not just one.


It’s hard. I know it’s hard. I was supposed to go to two of the shows on the second leg, but life happened. Then just after everything was looking bleak for me, they announced the tour with Circa Survive, and Nashville and Atlanta were there. So YYYYYAAAASSSSS. I’ve been to the NE for several shows. My first BA shows and my first NE AFI shows.


My first AFI show was Warped Tour '00. Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies played before AFI and they switched outfits.

AFI in Hawaiian shirts… lol. I’ll be honest, for my first AFI I was kinda disappointed by that. I got some cool photos though.


I was supposed to go to Red Rocks in July, but life is getting in the way. Damn being an adult. I’m hoping they do another leg sometime next year, but I’m not crossing my fingers. Jade in particular looked rough last night. :frowning: And I don’t mean that as an insult, more in a “you good there, dude?” kind of way.


They still have the tour with Circa Survive. But it could be that Jade maybe didn’t sleep well, or wasn’t feeling well. =/ I hope he gets better though.


I’m sure he’ll be fine. Dude probably needs a few days to himself.


At least they break soon to to to Australia.