STS question regarding book art


What book was used for the Art inside the book? Anyone remember?


Animals by Jim Harter, I believe. I really want a tattoo of the octopus.


Link? I just tried Googling that and didn’t see much. I could have sworn there was an actual book that had all of this artwork in it. I may be remembering from the old DF forums.



Check it out. I was watching season two of Jessica Jones and found a familiar octopus.


@insectpins yo! What episode and season?! This is kind of like an AFI Easter egg. :slight_smile:


Season 2, episode 6.

I’m pretty sure they used it for the same reason AFI used it, because it’s copyright free, but yeah it’s neat.


No joke. I found a copy of Animals: 1419 Copyright-Free Illustrations, by Jim Harter in the Trash in Huntington West Virginia. I was in awe when I saw it. I had wanted this book since the Clandestine Mysteries.

Ancient Aliens also used the Foraminifera from the STS CD (Sea Urchin) in an episode about unknown creatures found in the ocean in the 1800’s.


That’s awesome. I’ve got a copy coming in the mail.


I’m soon going to order one too.