Test pressing of ATASF?


Hey! If you want to make a thread for that, I believe you can. If you can’t, LMK, and I’ll create it for you guys. I only have a ton of vinyl and band merch, so I won’t be sharing, BUT I would love for you guys to have a space to share your collections.


Hey dude! I was wondering when I’d see you here. I made a thread for sharing collections here: Post Your AFI Collections


Just saw it! I’ll add mine too.


Another buyer got a copy of the All Hallow’s 7" for like $15 or something crazy.

$20 for All Hallow’s and $20 for an original Behind the Times (translucent black variant). Best deal I’ve ever gotten.

In regards to the Nitro test pressings, some of these that have been popping recently are from the newly remastered pressings of 2014 (the grey pressings with black labels). But a test pressing is a test pressing. They’re incredibly rare so be proud to have them in your collection.


I’ve been randomly checking eBay lately, but eBay is dangerous. For me, all it takes is for me to see a Dork for sale and I become sale-zombified… it’s terrible.


Do you happens to have a pic the grey pressings with black labels on what they look like cause my black sails my nitro answer that and shut ur mouth are all grey with black labels! My art of drowning is marble brown my wing it answer that is black with the guys faces as the sticker