That's Not Metal Podcast Feat. Davey Havok on the "Blood Album" details, XSTRMST, DREAMCAR


Many of you may have already listened to this piece as it is FOUR months old, however, if you haven’t, I’m giving you a direct link to listen to Davey speak with That’s Not Metal Podcast on his insight on the Blood Album.

Topics include the thoughts of Davey’s pertaining to the sound familiarity between Burials and the Blood Album. Davey mentions that he feels the Burials album is one of their best albums. Davey also touches on the fact that he’s had the luxury of writing his own lyrics for all of this time and through his lyrics emerges a respective records darkness, bleakness, etc. When Davey is asked about the sound of the Blood Album, he mentions Jade and says that Jade sould be the one to answer that question since he fully-produced the Blood Album. The Blood Album was produced completely by Jade.

A few other details to note is that Davey mentions that the Blood Album could have went in three different directions, but mentions the “Blood” reference was all too clear. Also, without spoiling this entire interview, Davey also mentions that “Get Hurt” from the Blood Album hasn’t been played live yet only because they as a band aren’t ready to play it live yet (mentions recording in the studio and playing live are two different things). Also, if I’ve done my research right… “Get Hurt” still to this day hasn’t been performed live.

There are a TON of GREAT questions asked in this podcast… I highly recommend listening!

Click below and take it to 6:20 when Davey is welcomed to the show:

Source: @NotMetalPod

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