The AFI Discography on Discogs Thread

As @dnlkdwll said, it’s probably best if we have a separate thread discussing the discography information that’s out there. I’d love to start with the Nitro years vinyl releases.

I’ll have to doublecheck this info, as it’s been nearly a decade and I likely forgot a lot, but from memory, the 5 LPs were first only pressed on black vinyl. From what I remember the colored represses of all 5 didn’t come until after AOD. The first waves were the ones with the stickers detailing the color and number (not sure if the number is listed on all or not). These are:

ATASF: Red /500, Tan /300, White /300
VPOY: Blue /500, Yellow /300
SYMAOE: Green /500, Yellow /500, Tan /300, White /300
BSITS: none
AOD: Grey /300

After that came the random color represses, every other variation falls under those.

Then there was the 2014 re-start of Nitro, but those again came on random colors (though before release they advertised them as black, but the pressing plant actually went ahead and did them on color without the new Nitro people knowing). The easiest way to differentiate from the “old” Nitro ones is the new center labels.

And then there’s the 2015 red Hot Topic exclusives (which I have yet to buy :rage: )

The current situation is kind of chaotic, with pics from old nitro showing up on releases from new nitro and vice versa, and no real uniformity with the description of early limited colored pressings.

What do you guys think?


I totally missed the 2014 Nitro releases.

The ones from 2002 - 2002, I have… most if not all of them. I swear, you could go on the Nitro site every day and there was a different color for sale. SYMAOYE had the most colors.

I could have sworn that BSITS only had one other color… like a purple/grey marble… I have it and it’s signed.

I’m also fairly certain that they were all numbered via the circular sticker they all had. They were usually either 300 or 500.

I think the pics are fine (quality sucks but I took majority of them and I only have a phone camera) and I’ve put a lot of effort into merging duplicate submissions so there shouldn’t be any issues I’m aware of.

I think the best solution would need to involve the master release page. Maybe make a section heading for the vinyl submissions for the “original” color pressings (the ones with the stickers on the covers). Then the later years (2009-2012) random pressings, then the remastered Bicycle pressings (light grey, dark grey, and hot topic red.) For this solution, the release year for each pressing should definitely be updated. I never knew what to put for most of those so I know those release years are incorrect.

I don’t think the solution is to create a single listing for “Random Color” and upload the various images to that submission.

That’s correct.

Some have the color and count, some have just the color, and some say “Special Color Vinyl”.

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For reference, look at this master release page:

For each release with a known count, that would go under a heading that says something like “Initial color variants” or “First variant collection” or something similar (idk but we can come up with something.) The other color variants in the list can be under a heading that says something along the lines of “Additional Nitro variants”. Then the 3 other variants can be under the heading “Bicycle/Concord reissues.”

Love all the information you guys have. Love this thread already! @Slinch I may have a extra copy of one of the hot topic pressings…may be AOD? I could check it out and let you know?

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You can use the Discography from ixnay and Alli which I later updated for my good friends at afinewshq, and work from there

Dig what you guys are doing here.

Regarding @dnlkdwll’s comment about release year, based on a lot of other non-AFI discogs entries, it seems like “Unknown” is how the year is listed for pressings which are distinguishably different from the initial run but not able to be tied down to a known date. Seems like SOMETHING (an announcement from Nitro, maybe?) probably exists on the internet that documents when the first limited/stickered/color Nitro pressings started to appear, but I definitely agree with Slinch that they were not issued on (or even close to) the dates the albums came out.

Nitro’s record keeping it notoriously piss poor, and I believe I remember hearing someone trying to get some concrete answers from them and got nowhere.

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Did the first color variants come out sometime in 2004 or 2005? That’s the dates I always hear.

Yeah dude, they didn’t really bother archiving anything. And apparently someone took all of the Black Sails test pressings home with them, which is how they all ended up on the internet.

I think that would be the best way to do it, yeah. Just something to differentiate between the “waves” of represses. I’d also remove the “300” count from those that didn’t come with the sticker that specifies the pressing number, since they didn’t stick to that limit anymore and there were a lot of transitional colors, and a lot of the colors repeated later, so it would be impossible to get an accurate count.

Yeah man, I’d love that!

Okay so step one would be to reformat the master release page for the nitro albums. Let’s start together with ATASF. Can we all agree on which ones were a stickered variant?

After we reformat the master release, then we can update individual submissions by removing the year and adding a note.

Yeah, the only ones with the info stickers were the ones I posted above:

All the other ones just had the “special colored vinyl” sticker with no mention of the specific color or the pressing number and fall under the “random” category, because they weren’t specifically ordered by the label and were just made using the recycled vinyl pellets (cheaper production costs).

Do we want to put all stickered variants, whether they mention color or not, under the same category?

I mean, all “old nitro” copies had the stickers, so that would just mean leaving it as it is. Back when I started collecting and during the afiseries days, we always distinguished between the initial color runs on specific colors (the ones quoted above) and all that followed (random colored copies with the “special colored vinyl” sticker).

I’ll edit the ATASF page and you’ll se what I mean. :slight_smile:

Though the afiseries discography no longer exists, I’m pretty sure I have a 2008-ish print-out of it, I’ll try to find it. It should be a really helpful resource.

Here it is:

Also, does anyone know what the deal is with the wingnut “second press” entry? The one listed as “third press”, with the revised artwork, is what we used to call second press. There’s no additional info and no release linked, so I don’t really know what it’s referring to.

Actually, majority of other color variants didn’t have the sticker. Lead and wild pink/grey did (light blue as well I think), but I can’t confirm any more than that. I purchased most of those still sealed and they did not have stickers.

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You need to message Ryan. He got all of his info from Geoff I believe.

Yes I do believe I know this one.

From what I remember discussing with Geoff, they had the initial run, and went to do a second batch, which had new inner labels. This was also supposed to have the new inserts (the 4 members profiles), but wingnut tossed in the old inserts into a lot of them as they had leftover stock.

I believe technically there was only 2 Wingnut pressings, and the second pressing can come with either the OG Wingnut insert or the harder to come by new insert.

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