The California fires

If there are any dfers being forced to evacuate with no where to go, please message me.

I have a place to put 3-6 people for short term evacuation. Pets are fine.

I AM NEAR KNOXVILLE, TN… So it wouldn’t be anywhere near your homes.

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This is super nice of you to offer, but it would almost be more practical for them to rent from a hotel considering flight and fuel costs.

Again, it’s awesome of you to offer though.

I figure if they have to drive it will be cheaper and if they need a place for weeks, it may be better, but hopefully it gets dealt with soon.

You’re right of course, but when the wild fires spread across Tennessee, we had people evacuate to other states because hotels were full and people had family and friends who could house them… Especially people with pets. They have the hardest time finding anywhere to go.


That is very awesome of you,I drove to beverly hills for work on Tuesday morning and drove throuh the blaze it was very bad like alternate universe looking bad,then as I finished work to head home to san francisco bay area at 1130am all my roads were shut down,luckily I took a chance and eventhough it added three hours to the drive I made it out,had I not done it I would still be stuck there.It’s really bad I hope everyone is okay and damages are to a minimum.If any members evacuate to sf bay area I can show you around haight-Ashbury in san Fran or the afi spots in berkeley


I can not begin to express how sorry I am you are all going through this !

When the fires got close to the Ripley’s aquarium in Gatlinburg, staff left in tears … I cried at home, people and animals died… with no way out, worried and unable to rescue anyone or any animals. It broke my heart I couldn’t do much. I did donate time tattooing at a local shop to help raise money for victims, but that was all I could do.

I’m really hoping this time I can do more.


I hope all the Cali people are staying safe. If anyone needs anything- blankets, clothes, etc- maybe we can try and scrounge up some stuff to people who need it. Not sure how plausible that is, @STORMS , but once this weekend is over, I can look into it.

That’s all plausible! Definitely! I might be able to mail a care package or two? Or maybe mail some things to you guys to be distributed as needed?

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We should probably see what people need first/see if people are reaching out. Then we can go from there regarding logistics.


This is an awesome idea,I’m in cali as I mentioned and can help mail,deliver,or coordinate things.Sadly it may be burning until Christmas it’s a shaky 10Percent contained but there’s 6 going on there’s alot of wildlife that didn’t make it out its just a sad sad situation.That’s very kind of you both


Thank you for saying so.

You’re welcome.

Yes, it’s horrible. So many animals died here too. Most of ours were arsons.

So many human and animal lives lost because some guys thought arson was funny.


Toiletries are a given.

Especially the more private ones like tampons, maxi pads, underwear, incontinence pads for men and women… The things they might be embarrassed to ask for.

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner…

But yes we should get some kind of Wish List together for people who need help.

I’m betting water pitchers and extra filters will be a blessing as well!

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Definitely. Or even those personal water bottles with the filters in them. The ones from Target.

But maybe we should think about making a thread and see if people go to that. @STORMS do you think we should do that? I don’t know if anyone on here actually needs anything/is affected.

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Purely conjecture of course, but I’d assume they’re following the conversation here. However a separate Wish list thread might be helpful.

And people to embarrassed to ask for help on a message board can pm me and I’m happy to pass along information of their needs to whomever is going to be in charge of shipping items there. Unless what they need is inexpensive enough I can afford to just buy it all online and have it shipped store to them directly.

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Sounds good. I’m going to do more research into this.

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Ok. I PMed you my phone number if you need anything!

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There are local drives going on up here I’ll be working one tomorrow,I can send you guys info if you like


That would be great, just in case they need extra stuff that we can send. If it looks like donations are handled, maybe we can think about running a fundraiser for victims.

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Totally I’ll keep you posted


Sounds good! And good luck volunteering.


I think this thread is definitely a good start. There’s always GoFundMe pages but us communicating via this thread and helping this way is probably the most practical.