The DF - "What's Next?" Talk


We’ll see how it goes, but it’s to pay homage to the original DF logo where the skull is in the heart.

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If this is still an idea, any t-shirt designing and printing I can help out with. I work for a screen-printing company. Would probably need to take preorders as we’d print in volume not single orders (set-up costs/wasted supplies/time loss would be avoided this way for us). I’m jumping in to this late, but would be down to help \m/


Im still down, i think wed do an awesome job collectively,we can make designs, I know a few musicians on here along with myself we can do covers too,why not the whole 9,box,litho,tee,hoody,music,patches.Were all diverse talent wise and itd give everyone a chance to be a part of the creation.This site is awesome thanks to @storms the least we can do is celebrate whats left of the DF.Im in…Shall we keep it here or start a new thread where we submit ideas and sketches?


I think this needs to be done the stars have aligned!LOL!Lets go guys!


End of the year happened and now in the new year i finally cleared out my email and came across the replies on here. I’ll be checking here more currently.

If people wanna create a few ideas I can give pricing and we can figure out costs. It would be rad to represent the DF more