"The Dork List" (8 out of 210)

This took me way too long to get done, but I finally updated the list.

@4ibanez THANK YOU! BTW what state do you live in?

I’m in the UK. Over 8 years since AFI did a tour as headliners :triumph:


I know one person who has a dork And I have one being shipped out to me tomorow


I’m angry due to jealousy, but please update me with everything required in the first post!

Have that other person sign up here, Jacob! :slight_smile:

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@insectpins Did you sell a Dork a couple of weeks ago?


I hope not.

Nah, still got it. Trying to pay off some bills.

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So Mr @Cher_I_Despair will be adding his contribution to this list… and yep, I’m jealous once again.

Thank you, Jacob. York Dork and story will now make our 7th Dork captured on our DFC forums. :slight_smile:


First post updated - thanks & congrats

I originally posted about my copy of the original dork list back in the mid-00s, as I had the first several AFI 7"s, and in this case was in regards to my uber rare promo copy of their split with Loose Change, aka “Dork”. I was a fanzine writer/photographer from 1985~2000, of a prominent Los Angeles based punk rock fanzine. In 1993, a copy of “Behind The Times” came into my inbox for review… I gave it a really thick review of it, one of the first for the band, to where after the issue was printed, i would clip out the reviews our of a spare issue and glue them to postcards to mail my reviews to record labels, in this case Key Lime Pie Records, run by former bassist Geoff Kresge. He was pretty impressed with the really descriptive and long review I did of their record to where he sent me for free a rare promo copy of their first 7", the split 7" with Loose Change (aka “Dork”) for free. I’d be one of 10 people who would have one of the rarest of the “Dork” 7’s… a promo version. I might be the only entry for a promo “Dork”. Later, Geoff would send me or have the label send me their 7" releases… I would have a first press pink copy of the live 7" and a black vinyl repress, too. A glow in the dark press of “Fly In The Ointment”, split with Heckle, split wth "Swingin’ Utters, “A Fire Inside”… I had contact with Davey just last night, contact with Geoff and his gf Amy several months ago.


that was a fun read, very cool! Welcome to the site also!

cheers. glad ya had a good read on how i got my copy of the rarer promo “dork”. yeah, discogs also didn’t have a pic of the promo version so i uploaded my pic of my copy to the database. it looks fuzzy cuz it was a small 3.5"x5" photograph of all of my afi singles that i plopped in the case of a cdr i made of said singles, as well as the trax from “this is berkeley not the west bay”. sadly, i had been evicted several years ago, so all my records are boxed and and in storage.

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Amazing story and welcome @katz-s ! Thanks for sharing your Dork story!!!

Where are you from?

currently los angeles… formerly culver city.

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Gah id kill to have one for free I paid 2500$ for mine​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Thanks to Geoff Kresge, we have some new details for Dork # 6. Check it out in the first post! @Acidpickle @LordOfTheLeftHand @insectpins @Cher_I_Despair @4ibanez @Snobgrass


I have never listened to the Loose Change songs on the vinyl. Does someone have them digitally on mp3, or something?
I’ve searched a lot since years, but I haven’t find anything yet
Or someone here who own the “dork”, could you share it?

@Acidpickle @4ibanez @dnlkdwll @Cher_I_Despair

Ill see If I can get the mp3s they should be small enough to send in seperate emails

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