*The Last Kiss* VIDEO INSIDE* AFI Setlist & Album Breakdown - Dallas, Texas 09.13.18

Thanks to @Cher_I_Despair for the setlist!

Tonight’s set in Dallas, Texas received yet more surprises. From “Black Sails in the Sunset”, The Last Kiss was played for the first time since 09.10.13. Get Hurt was played for the 3rd time, ever. The popular b-side from the MySpace Records compiliation, “Rabbits are Roadkill on Route 37” was also played for the first time in over a year!

Check out our album breakdown below!

  1. Girl’s Not Grey (Sing the Sorrow)
  2. So Beneath You (Blood)
  3. Dancing Through Sunday (Sing the Sorrow)
  4. Summer Shudder (Decemberunderground)
  5. Get Hurt (Blood)
  6. The Last Kiss (Black Sails in the Sunset)
  7. Love Like Winter (Decemberunderground)
  8. Rabbits are Roadkill on Route 37 (MySpace Records Comp / B-Side)
  9. Silver and Cold (Sing the Sorrow)
  10. Miss Murder (Decemberunderground)

The Last Kiss thanks to Jessica Chapa


The Last Kiss??? What a good setlist +_+


Thread updated, plus Last Kiss video!


It was an amazing show, they never disappoint <3


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