The last time we heard from them online?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but going to the XTRMST site and seeing Jade answering fan questions from back in 2014 makes me think of the “Ask AFI” forum on the official boards back in the day.

Have they done anything like this since?

I don’t think they’ve done anything like that since. That was a great Q+A thing he did. I always like his answers because they’re half serious half wry humor.

Anyway, I think this goes back to their involvement with the fan base. Back in the early days, they didn’t have much outside of AFI. They didn’t seem to have any very important relationships, a lot of money, outside projects, home, hobbies, etc. I think as they got older and more established, as we all (hopefully) do, they have found less and less time to be able to connect with the fan base on that level, which is not blaming them for anything. They put their all into the albums and the tours and give back to the fans when they are on AFI time. I think when they’re home, they need time to decompress and remove themselves from the often times dark and suffocating world that AFI can be (come on, we all know the music can make you more morose at times; imagine being the person who created it).

So, yeah, I haven’t seen this done in a while for AFI, and I’m not holding my breath for them to be this involved again with the AFI fan base, but they could surprise me. Again, this is not me being angry with them; they have lives. We all have lives. I’m just thankful for the music and shows.


It was more me just clarifying. I agree with all of your reasoning.

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Oh, no, I totally get that. I have a tendency to come off too strong (plus I’ve been grading papers all day, so my rhetoric right now is straight forward, I hate the world, why is this my life, rhetoric. LOL).

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