The lost STS Tour

Hey everyone,I was thinking back about when Davey had his vocal issues and had to cut the STS tour immediately,they were near the end of this leg.What intrigued me most was they were going to play a show in Ukiah!Hometown show! I was stoked.From what I read it was going to be a fundraiser for the skate park in Ukiah that they used to go to
it was Low Gap skate park.I don’t know if it was going to be at the actual park but this would have been amazing,I was stoked planning to go then they had to cut the tour.There was very little information about this show and considering how close to home and the cause I’m surprised nothing’s been mentioned or even archived.
Does anyone remember this?
Can someone Insta or tweet the guys for info(cheridespair im talking bout you buddy)!I

Here’s some dates from that time,I can swear I read about the date on ultimate-guitar so I’ll be searching.also this was the first announcement of a spring 04 your so there were dates still being finalized.

The band pulled the plug after their Thursday night (March 4) show in Fort Myers, Florida. The tour was expected to end on March 19 in Denver,

Feb. 18: Bakersfield, Calif. (Convention Center)
Feb. 21: San Bernardino, Calif. (National Orange Show)
Feb. 28: Atlanta (Tabernacle)
March 1: Pensacola, Fla. (Bayfront Auditorium)
March 2: Jacksonville, Fla. (Plush)
March 4: Estero Fla(This was the last show)
March 8: Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (House of Blues)

Why don’t you message them yourself? Hunter has always replied to me!

I remember the show being cancelled after the Street Scene show in SF. Nick 13 sang Ever and a Day with them.

Yeah good point dude,I will it would be cool to get a message back.,I’m not On Twitter and Instagram and I know some of you guys get regular replies.
Oh cool you went to street scene! I remember that,isn’t that in So Cal?

I didn’t go to Street Scene, it is in SF. There were video snippets of the songs floating around back in the day though!

Don’t know how I missed it!I know they were in social but never knew a sf version happened I went to.every so with 200 miles.I’m disappointed I may have missed this I can’t find it online.who was playing? I tweeted the guys hoping for a response about the ukiah show and if we can see all the disc award s they won