The Missing Man TOUR DATES


Got ya.That avatar is awesome are you a bay area native too?


Yeah man!
Santa Cruz. That pic is me and Dave 99 or so. Palookaville back stage.
I work for Numbskull Productions and we’ve done countless shows for these boys.
Been a fan/friend since the beginning.

Thank you btw!!


That and they pick on me cause I get alot of stuff signed all the time cause I want to frame everything and dedicate a room in the house and set a whole room shrine up.


You put the time and effort in to see those shows, bragging rights are given.

I didn’t see your bragging, who cares. Brag away!

I can brag with the best of em.
I’ve seen AFI probably close to 100 times of not more since 95.


Most are just jealous. I have so many records and posters and flyers, box sets, all signed by them.
But I’ve had the privilege to work with them countless times and hang back stage and gonon the busses etc.
I think it’s rad that Punk Rock is such a humble ethic that people/fans can meet their “idols” and favorites and getvatuff signed.
Carry on!!


Thats awesome :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:bit jealous I didnt get the pleasure of touring til crash love era id sell my body to go back and see black sails era live


Yeah, I’m old. Haha.


How do you get a code for the presage your dates?


I would love to see your collection.Mines growing plus i have Reed doing my ink for years he has early Fly in the ointment sketches and tatted Davey countless times I’m sure you’ve seen him or know him probably!


That is a seriously rad pic!


Would you mind sharing the presale code to me as well? I didn’t receive an email on it. Can’t wait to see them in San Diego. Thanks!


I’m really considering on going to San Diego if I get a show ticket. Plane ticket will be $300, plus the concert ticket and Airbnb…


I cannot go to one of the tour dates… two kids birthdays in November, plus Xmas…

Hell, I’m buying the bundles so there’s the funds.

If they tour more, I’ll obviously try to make a closer show. I am positive that my jealousy will climb of those who do go though!


I use to watch AFI in the high school gyms! I miss those early 90’s before they were big. I am happy for them though.


Are you a Eastbay native too?I’ve read about the Berkeley square,Blake’s on telegraph and Gilman shows but I was barely starting grade school.Mind sharing anything you remember,it would be hear. Sorry I’m nerdy like that


I am not an east bay native. I am
A southbay native but would see them play all over the bay. I have seen them too many places to remember but off the top of my head: The Edge (no longer there), Gilman, Slims, Greek, shoreline, San Jose State, catalyst, ace of spades, Blank club, cubberly community center, and random other places. My good friend was dating Rancids tour manager somwe use to hang out back stage when they played all their shows together. They use to play a lot with Rancid, Fury 66, and another band that I can’t think of right now. Davey use to dance with us at all the goth clubs in SF, eat pizza with us, etc. He use to be a big sweetie. We would hang out at SF Comic-Con together, etc. I am the same age as him…


I have been a member here since day 1. Still have all
The fan club items from day 1 and I never get emails anymore. I had to just re-register today. Can someone send me pre-sale code for Ace of Spades?


You too brotha any stories or photos or.mementos u wanna share will be greatly appreciated


I live just outside of Sacramento, so needless to say, I’m ecstatic. I’ve been having a rough time for a while and this really helped change my day around today. Ace of Spades is going to be a fantastic place for an intimate show.

I’m still not getting all the Despair Faction emails though. :frowning: I’m getting some, but not others. I didn’t get the presale one today.


I had this issue. I’d been bumped off the mailing list. I got told to reply to the last df email I received and I’d be put back on the list. Did that and it seems to have worked. Been getting them the last few months now