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Message me for presale code its in df emails


How can I contact you for the presale code?


@jeffkjohnson619 are you a DF member? Sorry, I gotta ask. @Ksf145 We just can’t give it out if folks aren’t DF or we could get a bad rap.

Jeff, welcome btw. I’m glad you found our forums. :slight_smile:


My bad @STORMS I personally remembered 5 individuals from the old boards from the five flowers mystery DVD ,that thread was huge and since I uploaded the DVD after I got it I met ALOT of DF forum people.So I kept it in that respect.I didnt tweet or expose it on facebook.But i get ya and understand my blunder.aside from my mistake the board is growing I love seeing new Introductions everyday


I’ve been a DF member since it started and the last email I received was in March 2018. Can someone message me the presale code?


Message sent. I’m taking your word for the DF membership.

Welcome to the forums.


Hello all. New to this but a long time AFI (all around Davey) addict here- going back to the OG Despair Faction and the Church of Havok days. Anyway this December I am actually taking a trip to LA and going to see NIN on the 11th so it’s just perfect that AFI announced this show on the 10th in San Diego. Unfortunately just like half of us on here seems I didn’t receive the presale code either and it would kill me if I didn’t get a chance to see this show because it sold out or if I had to pay 10x more on stubhub. Just wondering if someone could be so kind to help me out and make this the best vacation ever <3


@Clwilson05 I take it you’re a DF member? :wink:



Yes I went by HavokxChild back in the old forums. Thanks for having me :):grinning:


Can you send me the DF presale code for San Diego? I have been in the DF since 2006 but no longer receive the emails.


Can you send me the DF presale code for San Diego? I have been in the DF since 2006 but never receive the emails anymore.


Hello, new to these boards but not the DF. Somewhere along the lines I stopped receiving the DF emails (I think I lost access to the email address) I’ve tried to sign up with my current email address but still haven’t received any. Does anyone have a presale code for San Diego? I’d be greatly appreciative!


I’ll message you… do you have any way to prove your DF? I gotta ask.

Thanks for finding these forums btw - Welcome.


I didn’t get a presale code. Checked both email addresses. Please help :’(


It may be under my 3rd email which I can’t get to anymore. What can I do? :frowning:


@STORMS would be the way to go,I remembered a few DF people from back when so I sent to them in hindsight I shouldn’t have.I don’t mean to be like a cool scene kid or a jerk,I wouldn’t want to jeopardize everything that’s been built so far.the presale isn’t very many tickets log on the when they release 11/2 at 10am thru Eventbrite and you will have no issues.Btw if you want pmme your email I can send you a direct public link


There’s also a LiveNation presale (at least for the 9th) that starts on 11/1.


I’m trying to figure out how to get presale too. I just have this feeling that this show might sell out.


Good morning all! Can someone kindly provide a pre-sale code for the SD Show? Please, we’ll be eternally grateful.

Thank you,


Please check this thread we need to verify that you are indeed a DF member before sending anything :slight_smile: Hope you understand… :slight_smile: