The Missing Man TOUR DATES


Just got my ticket to Sacramento plus the “skip the line” thing for $10 more. Just staying the one night in Sacramento. Plane ticket from Seattle was about $150.


Been a DF member since 2004 and I have not gotten DF email in years. Can someone send me the San Diego pre-sale Code? I have the email from 2004 proving I have been a member since then


You need to send @STORMS proof :slight_smile: Just DM him a picture of your DF card :slight_smile:


Would you mind sharing the code with me? Thanks either way.


It looks like San Diego sold out of presale.


Got my tickets for the Sacramento show… so excited! :heart_eyes:


I got the email with the pre-sale code even though I’ve never been a part of the DF haha. And I’m glad that the SD show sold out because I have other priorities other than spending $600+ on another trip right now


Random, but were you on the AFI Series forum (I think that was the name)? Were you the guy with the insane collection of live videos? If so, thank you for sharing back then.


13 years later, here I am! Haha. You’re more than welcome, all my DVDs are available to download in their fullest quality. I do remember seeing you there as well!


Thanks for the backup @Blag,i was feeling bad because I only remembered a few DFers here from back in the day so i felt like a jerk not being able to help out eventhough rules are rules I didnt want anyone thinking i was on a high horse .
On a sidenote what field do you work in (most likely computers)i saw when u posted ur hoodies ur office looked like palo alto area,waz a cool looking spot.I work in the federal building in sf tenderloin so its blah and a blockaway is an open air 24/7 street drug market its insane its literally surrounded by the fed building and tenderloin pd,yathink theyd be more discreet!


No problem @Ksf145 :slight_smile: Happy to help and don’t feel bad…it’s hard to help out fellow AFI fans :wink:

And yes…I’m a Developer Evangelist (I pretty much learn new technologies and teach it to others)…and I worked in Palo Alto, which was a pretty cool place :slight_smile: Can’t wait to go back next year :slight_smile:

To be honest…I don’t like SF :frowning: And maybe that’s why I don’t like Toronto that much…it’s a like a mini SF…I’m more used to the town feeling :wink:


All: regarding getting verified on here… I have a few PMs to check… doing that now. I apologize for any wait… I was at work most of the day.


Yeah i get ya I cant stand SF,I live in Fremont but i love the sf culture, i work doing high criminal intelligence,planning drug busts,stopping human trafficcking and foiling things that are federal jurisdiction,i love the concerts,vintage shops,and music stores.Thats cool,ive never heard the title ending with evangelist what do you think of blockchain technology,do you see it going mainstream and being a force?Man i totally want to nerd out talk tech and crypto(any favs)? but ill save it for when you moveb ack.Last thing my cousin is taking a 12 week coding boot camp,its expensive,what kind of job and salary can she expect with just that 12 week course on her resume.related to tech.i hope its great but im worried about her expectations.thanks blag!


Can I recommend to get this conversation out of the forums :slight_smile: I will send you a DM with my email so you can send me a quick hello I can reply freely :wink: While this is an open forum I think we should keep it more on the AFI side of things :stuck_out_tongue: But sure…Blockchain is the future for sure :wink:


So conflicted about the KROQ Almost Acoustic announcement.

Wish I could go to all three dates. Just planning a Sacramento trip.


Wow, they went from headlining, to the bottom of the list.


Ugh! These three shows when I’m out of the country. :angry:


Bad Religion, AFI and The Interrupters would be pretty fun at least. Third Eye Blind are pretty good too. Not super into 30STM or any of the others, though.