The Vegan/Veganuary thread


@sayasha did you get back on track? + have you found any homes for the kittens yet?

Not finding things too bad thus far, although definitely missing milk chocolate more than I thought I would!
Also had a bit of a low point the other day when I had lunch using ham-style slices, vegan cheese and vegetable spread on crackers. None of them really tasted of much when combined with the crackers :cry: and I found it weird how all of those substitutues were so processed and unnatural! Which is not really what I want…

Being vegan is forcing me to be a lot more creative with my food though and is getting me back into cooking from scratch :slight_smile:


@Sugar_and_Ice I did get back on track! I can say that I don’t really miss meat. I do, however, miss cheese terribly. I found a decent fake cheese spread (oddly it is mostly coconut) so that’s helping.

We have homes for three of the four kittens I believe, they do need a little taming first though. I’m going out to the family farm to love on them tomorrow :slight_smile:

I’ve also found the perfect vegan banana bread recipe. I’ve made two loaves so far. I also find myself just eating a lot more raw vegetable and fruits. Which is probably good for me over all since I’ve lost 5 lbs. I’m also just not as hungry. I’m cool with it :smile:


Yay! Sorry, I didn’t realise I hadn’t been on in a while. Glad you’re back on track and well done on the weight loss! I can’t say I’ve lost any weight so far which is a bit annoying but then again, I’m finding plenty of unhealthy ways to be vegan lol!
I am starting to miss proper cheese now :frowning:

I’ve had enough of banana bread now! Moved on to chocolate cupcakes. But I used this recipe: How about you?


That’s the same banana bread recipe I used! Now tell me more about these chocolate muffins…


What a coincidence!
Cupcake recipe here:

They are, like they say, quite basic. I made a chocolate ganache using soy milk to ‘ice’ them as I didn’t have any strictly vegan icing sugar (I’ve now found some). I’m sure they’d be nice frosted or with chocolate chips/chunks in them.

Looking to make this next - It’s a Nigella Lawson recipe so should be good!

edit: no cup measures I’m afraid but both recipes have oz measurements.


I’m definitely going to have to try the cupcakes :slight_smile: I’ve been craving something cakey.


Tried the lemon cake I posted - it’s good although it definitely needs the yoghurt accompaniment as the zest in the cake makes it a bit bitter :slight_smile:


@sayasha last day today! How have you got on? Will you be making any longer term changes?

@bonvoyeurs I made the Gansito Cake you recommended and it was very nice :smiley:. I changed the recipe slightly (I used 1.5 tsp baking powder and 0.5 tsp baking soda instead of all baking powder - it still rose fine) and I just made vegan buttercream rather than use tofu for the filling).

I am definitely glad I gave being vegan a go - I’ve gotten back into cooking and baking from scratch and have learnt to be more creative with my food :slight_smile: I’ve learned that I think I actually prefer soy milk to regular milk in tea and coffee and that I actually didn’t miss fish as much as I thought I would. I’ve learned why honey isn’t vegan. I’ve learned that a massive majority of stuff contains milk or milk derivatives :open_mouth:. I’ve learned that despite a lot of press coverage about veganism recently, most people will still think you’re a bit mad to try being vegan and a lot of places can’t cater for you (certainly in the UK, I’ve been thankful for M&S and Starbucks for enabling me to have something other than a flapjack for lunch when out and about!)

@sayasha @_tonibell @Vanished @bonvoyeurs @Humma Which other chains have you found can cater for vegans?

So…I won’t be staying vegan (sorry folks, I miss proper cheese and a few other things too much) but:

  • I think I will be eating less fish and perhaps one day even cut it out entirely.
  • I will be making more vegan cakes - my vegan cakes have risen more consistently than my regular cakes usually do and have tasted pretty good.
  • I will be eating more vegan dishes at home and sandwiches/meals at places that cater for it.


I feel I’ve done pretty well! And yeah, I probably won’t stay vegan, but i’m debating pescatarian (I really miss sushi, other meats not so much). I might also stay off dairy. My body feels a lot better without it, though I do miss cheese-i’m a little worried about cheese because I had a little bit in something gone day and it triggered a migraine (which apparently is a thing? I asked my doctor and they were all ‘yeah, cheese can do that’) so dairy may be out for me.


Well Done! Have you kept avoiding dairy these past few days? I haven’t found any side-effects from going back to dairy other than that milk tastes less nice than I remember and actually, I can take or leave milk chocolate, in fact, one brand I used to like left quite a nasty aftertaste :confused:
I also do like sushi, so again, I think I’ll be an occasional fish eater but definitely much less than I used to.


I’ve been avoiding most dairy, I had a bit of cream cheese and that didn’t seem to give me a migraine, so i’m trying to be very conscious of what I do consume. And I had some sushi yesterday which was amazing



I rescue animals a lot.

Bees are dying off.

I plan to start a Bee colony, with hives that have gravity feed tubing to catch the honey RUN OFF, as in, basically their wasted honey. Therefor I will be leaving the bees undisturbed, except for health checks and bee CARE (not farming or bee keeper) needs, would it be moral or ethical to sell the Honey as cruelty free for vegitarian use?

ALL proceeds would go right back to the hives and a savings account in case of bee illnesses like mites, fungus or getting more bees.



Vegan is vegan. Animal products are animals products. I don’t think what you’re doing is immoral, but it’s not vegan.

I was turned from veganism a long time ago because I don’t think its strict laws fall in line with what was intended when it was founded.

Bees are absolutely essential to vegetation growth, and they’re having a hard time right now. Giving them a safe place to live is a great idea. Just don’t label any products you sell as “vegan”. Be completely transparent in source and intent and you’ll be fine.


It’s crazy how easy it is to be vegan now. So many more options in stores and so many more vegan/vegan friendly restaurants are popping up. I just saw Hormel (the company that makes Spam) is going to get into the vegan meat game - not that I want to necessarily buy that but it shows how widespread it’s becoming.

I’ve been vegan for almost 10 years now. It can be easy and not expensive, especially if you’re eating healthy, whole foods. Buying all of the processed substitutes is what can make it expensive. I go through phases of that out of convenience but try to not make it the norm.

Anyways, I do love to cook and I am always saving recipes. One of my favorites is this Hoppin John recipe I like to make with this collard greens one. The collards taste so good if you use coconut oil!


Nope. If you only eat processed, pre-packaged Vegan food it can be.