Tied To A Tree - thoughts?

Thoughts on this track?

Did you buy the limited flexi? (I did - just sucks that shipping was almost as much as the item)

This songs lyrics are very taking… kinda reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, but very dark.

My only wish was that Davey’s voice had more vibrato for this song. He can do it… and when he does, it sounds beautiful.


That Tied To A Tree flexi said it was exclusive to the DF yesterday… now it doesn’t say that… lol.

That irks me a little.

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I’ve just seen the flexi advertised through Rise Records’ website so I guess it’s not an exclusive. I like the track but I don’t love it, although I feel as if it’s going to grow on me like a few of the other news tracks have.

It’s intense. Watching the video made me go to a very dark place. I don’t know if I’ll be ready for Bodies when it first comes out :pensive:

That was then…I listened to it again while watching the video and kept up this time. Love it! It’s probably, along with “Dulceria”, my fav of the album so far! I love that Bodies seems to be about God and astrology and Greece and science (if I’m not mistaken)! It’s a totally new direction for AFI and I love it :grinning:

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