Today is a Burials day


I’ve been listening to Burials again since yesterday. I needed to hear the Sinking Night.


Maybe one day they’ll release the full version of “The Sinking Night”.


Midnight sun also seemed ridiculously appropriate.


Personally, I think everyday is a burials day! I love that album. I don’t understand the hate it gets. It sits alongside STS as my favourite AFI album.


I feel like there was an influx of hate starting even with STS, but particularly when DU came out and later. Those poor post STS albums always get a great deal of hate.

But Burials is a fantastic album- bleak, cold, hollow. I love everything about it.


Glad to know it has some fans! I find the heartbreak and emotion on that record so palpable. :broken_heart:

I feel like Blood has started a recovery from the hate for post STS albums (although I much prefer Burials to Blood).