Tomorrow - pay attention




I’d guess it’s the rumored Salt Lake City show where they are the guests of Rise Against.


I’m guessing it’s some kind of announcement regarding the rumored show (or shows) with Rise Against.

It could also be Blaqk Audio news though.


I don’t do any social media. What are these rumors you guys are talking about?


Rumors of AFI touring with Rise Against and Anti-Flag this year.

I’m super excited for whatever this all is, officially.


What is this? 2006? Teenage me would probably be hyped about that rumor.

One show maybe. I can’t see them doing a whole tour since blood era is over.


Hopefully some sort of tour… I miss the early days when they did multiple tours for a album… I think it was 2001 into 2002 I saw them 4 times in Toronto within a calendar year


After doing some searching, it does look like at least one show is certain.


From what I’ve seen Salt Lake and Portland seem pretty likely, Minneapolis is another one I’ve heard rumored.

Also I would take an announcement for both AFI show and Blaqk Audio news. Both would be good! This also means I’m going to spend all day at work tomorrow glancing at my phone expectantly.


@sayasha I’m going to be hovering by my PC for the announcement. :wink:

Even if it’s not announced by the time I have to go to work, I have a plan to prep an article. :wink:


So a mid-west/western tour?


They announced the tour! :star_struck:


Yep, closing this thread. :slight_smile: