Tonight's AFI DF Show Playlist



No Miss Murder. It finally happened.

  1. No Miss Murder, it’s a miracle.
  2. I’m so sad I couldn’t be there. Hearing Greater than 84 live would be amazing ;n;.

What a good set list.


Break Angels footage!


And only one song of their newest LP…


Three: Trash Bat, Break Angels and Get Dark


That’s their newest EP, not LP :slight_smile:


New songs were great at this. 84 and Stranger early in the set were nice surprises.

Cool getting to hang with @XAnchorheartX and @RyanWatchful riding out from Berkeley also.


greater than 84 was AMAZNG(Anxious and Wild are on my Burials bucket list)
That was a proper show in AFI style 15 songs some throw backs amazing.I still want to see Darling and above the bridge but they killed last night!
my phone died so i couldnt link with any of you guys there hope everyone had a BLAST


I may like the song, but I get so P U M P E D when Miss Murder isnt on the setlist,:joy: