Trash Bat... tomorrow!


Check out @AFI’s Tweet:


I’m so excited!!! Can’t wait!


It’s on Spotify now.
I fucking love it. Short but sweet (kinda like the old stuff in a way, even if it’s stylistically different).


Just listened to it…and yeah…the song rocks! :smiley: Pretty different and with some unexpected turns but pretty cool…so happy to have a new song! :smiley:


It’s so catchy it’s still in my head lol. 10/10 it lives up to its epic name


After a first listening it reminded me of Dreamcar’s “Do Nothing”, because the song actually did nothing nothing nothing for me. Hope it grows on me.


I agree. I think about these lyrics and then about the lyrics from TAOD, Black Sails, STS and these cannot even compare. This new stuff just seems so repetitive and boring. Love AFI and their evolution but this just isn’t doing it for me. But it is awesome for other fans and that is great too.


Ha, holy shit:

This one does all the same stuff I liked about Get Dark, but I think I dig it more overall. Excited for the shows next week.


I agree and I hope the other songs change my mind because I am beginning to worry about this e.p. I’m not feeling the lyrics on these new tracks. And Dreamcar was the only thing I’ve heard since 2000 with an AFI member involved that I absolutely disliked.


That urban dictionary definition cracks me up!


I really like the song, the beginning of the chorus reminds me of something they’ve done previously, like from another song or album, but I cant put my finger on what, does anyone else hear it? It just seems a little nostalgic to me. But, overall, its really good.


It reminded me to Bite Your Tongue by Blaqk Audio


I’m at work and have been craving listening to the song all day.


I got it stuck in my head last night for hours! So catchy!


I might be a bit obsessed. It’s just so catchy ;-;


I’m happy to see I’m not the only one. I don’t hate it or anything, it’s just not getting in my head like some of their other songs (even right up to the blood album). Neither get dark or trash bat have really done it for me. The choruses are really what’s let me down the most. The songs are ok, maybe they’ll grow on me, but so far, just not really feeling them