Unwittingly promoting AFI


This is our story, tell us how you accidently promoted AFI…

My youngest daughter Sarah took this photo of me holding one of our rescues. Her name is Sabbath. She was given to me as a “hospice” to die in my arms because the owner could not take her when she moved and the parents didn’t want to deal with it.

One look, I knew I had to help. So I took her to a vet and one simple surgery saved her life. I have 8 more years to enjoy my sweet Leopard Geko.

Anyway, while documenting her recovery to encourage others to rescue animals too, with a full understanding of what it means to do this, Sarah got this incredible shot that not only promoted animal rescue on Instagram, but by sheer coincidence promoted AFI too.


This is super! I do want to see your AFI tattoo now though. I see the “God Called in Sick Today” shirt lettering. :slight_smile:



Because of my capacity as a college teacher, I have the weird privilege of being able to impart knowledge on the poor, mindless masses. ANYWAY, I often- subconsciously for the most part- make a lot of AFI references. @Alina could probably back that up.

It’s usually done with song references, or I’m wearing an AFI t-shirt under my jackets, or I suggest Pop Kids as reading material. That’s usually how I unwittingly advertise. I never really plan those moments. I just say stuff without really thinking. LOL.


I’d like to hear a recording of some of these sly AFI referenced quotes, lol.


I guess I should post my AFI tats. I have a few because family and friends kept wanting twin tats. So I have four or five now I share with other people.
When I get a little while to go look for the photos, I’ll post them all. <3


I believe I read about you assigning pop kids to students. Either that or you aren’t the only professor doing it. I think it’s an interesting idea!


Actually, you can post your tats here too: :slight_smile:


I clearly remember some of the Miss Murder and Girls Not Grey references. Also, I remember the day when you asked if anyone has read Pop Kids. Everyone blankly stared (as usual). Then you mentioned that Davey Havok was the author and that’s when I realized that I knew exactly what you were referring to😂 By the time I was done debating whether or not I should raise my hand, you had moved on. But it’s ok because we eventually ended up discussing AFI between ourselves haha


THAT IS FANTASTIC! How long was that discussion? LOL


Honestly, I don’t remember it well (but @_tonibell might because it’s Toni and she remembers everything) However, I feel like it had a gradual progression to it. It probably started with “yeah, I get your Girls Not Grey reference” and a week later we were wearing the same AFI tour shirt to class (which led into a discussion of the NYC show).


Something tells me this would be my favorite class to attend. :slight_smile:


That is my favorite AFI logo. I love the lettering and the treble clefs are just boss. I’ve been wanting to get it done on the inside of my wrist for ages but never got around to it, especially due to time and financial barriers.

As a side note, thank you for helping animals and being kind to them. I used to take care of a feral cat in my old town and I tried many times to get her to come home with me but she was too scared and would become aggressive whenever I tried to pick her up or coax her into a carrier, so I had to leave her behind. I want to foster homeless animals sometime in the (hopefully near) future. They deserve our love and compassion.


You’re very welcome. I love doing rescues. My parents started me into it very early and my children are involved in it now. My youngest daughter, Sarah is 11 and she has been doing it since she was 6.

I hope that eventually you reach your goal of helping animals!

As far as the cat goes you tried to save, Sarah, found a dog. Seriously emaciated and almost totally hairless. The vet gave her about a week or so without our intervention. She’s been with us and on meds and finally fed regularly for a few weeks. She’s got a brother. We can’t save him. He won’t come to us and we can’t get close enough to rope him. He will more than likely die and his owner refuses to get him medical treatment. Sarah “found” Lola, and we know who her owner was. We got the SPCA involved, but due to the way laws are written here, their hands are tied to get the other dog or press charges for Lola’s neglect. However, they granted us permanent custody and told us under no circumstances to return her to the guy who owned her before. (Duh, like that was going to happen)…

Animal rescue is victory and defeat… Life and death… Sometimes the ones you think are going to be fine die in your arms while you cry and no one can fix it. Sometimes the ones with death sentences are like Sabbath and Lola and you get loads more years with them.

It’s an emotionally, physically and financially difficult life, but if you choose it and you can make it work, the pay off is incredible. <3


haha, nope, that’s me. :slight_smile: Davey actually retweeted my photo about it.


We discussed it BOTH semesters, my dear. First semester I even assigned an excerpt of Pop Kids. Second semester was when we went to the NYC show and wore the same tour shirt to class.

I made a bunch of references- one was with the other class. I called them my “fall children.” Obviously no one got it, but I have to have fun somehow.

Total recall, my friend, total recall; it is both a blessing and a curse.

@STORMS Alina’s right; it was a gradual progression in terms of conversation, but somehow we both got another student into AFI as well.

Ha! I have a lot of students right now who would disagree with you. LOL.

Though this semester I have had less luck. I did have a kid look at me and say, “You know, based on the ‘Silver and Cold’ video, I can definitely see you being an AFI fan.”

I’m taking it as a compliment. They all think I’m a witch, anyway.


Lol nothing wrong with being a Witch. :wink: I do it every day. :black_heart::crystal_ball::black_heart:


LOL. I know that. Most of my friends are actual witches; they just associate it with me because my “specialty” is the occult. It’s more entertaining than anything. I’m physically not intimidating, but they’re all terrified, apparently because of my “vibe.”


Definitely was (and not just because of AFI). If I could take the course again, I would😂


You’re speciality is occult? That’s great!

I’ve been pagan since I was about 14 and Wiccan since I was 16…

I’m into all kinds of weirdness but with a sense of “Calm down Toto… Some of this is metaphor, some of it is stories to teach morals, some of it is bullshit to scare opponents.” I don’t think Thor is showing up with a mallet to bop field mice on the head or anything, but I do see how the desire to love a sibling can blind you to deception, for example…


Yep: occult in early British and American Literature. I’m applying to get my PhD in it now.

And that’s awesome. My friends have been Wicca since they were around that age; I’m Roman Catholic, but being surrounded by Wiccans gave me a different perspective on religion. And, yeah, I don’t view all teachings as literal; most are metaphor. I’ll never forget how a rabbi told my classmates and me during our Sacred Scripture class that the majority of the Bible was the product of bad editing.