WANT / need - (those things you really don't NEED)


And of course, I REALLY like these and of course they’re $120. Oh the days when I spent money left-and-right on fancy clothing and anything AFI without even thinking about it. :frowning:


LOL. I have the three buckle black creeper boots, the black Mondo creepers, the black velvet Mondo creepers, the burgundy creepers, and the black and white creepers. I don’t think I need another pair. I was actually debating on those corset ones a month back, but I really don’t like how close to the toe the corseting goes. They are pretty cool, though.


I could probably sell the pair of FLY London shoes I have and buy those if I wanted… I might do it. The FLY London shoes I have seem to be incredibly rare and I actually got them at a Goodwill for only $7.99.


Go for it. You have nothing to lose.


Well storms I’ve just been turned onto TUK shoes how did I miss these! What I do want still is allof these


Almost everyone missed these. Majority of them sold out within hours.