Welcome to DespairFaction.Club! (name changed from WeAreAFI)


I saw someone post it on instagram some comment it. My instagram is

IG is instagram



I have been away recently with having to be on top of a lot of things recently, but in about 12 days I’ll start pictures of the Atlanta and Nashville shenanigans!


Yea, I was wondering where you went. Welcome back. :slight_smile:



I almost got fired right before I got on here, and then to prove that I’m back to normal, work had me doing about 20 different projects. So I just didn’t get online at work, and by the time I’m home I don’t want to look at a computer. Hahaha.


No worries! I’m glad everything is going better for you! That doesn’t sound fun… I can understand.


I bounce back easily thankfully. Just life bogged me down for a sec. But I’m back. :muscle:


Ugh, I was thinking of heading to Nashville, but I have no one to go with, and I hate flying alone (I hate flying in general, so I need moral support). I’m such a child. Have SO MUCH FUN!


I basically cannot go to any more announced AFI shows. The only feasible way to go would be to flow and that’s not in the cards at this point. I’m hoping they announce more dates after their (DREAMCAR shows) Australia shows.


Yeah, I’m hoping for some within driving distance after all those shows. Not banking on it, but hoping. Planes and I do NOT get along. It’s bad enough I travel on them a lot for work and family. Not only is it expensive, but it’s so damn stressful that I have to pop my anti-anxiety meds before getting on. And I hate using them.


I am so happy this place exists! I was a member of the old forums years ago, and miss them dearly.


Replies like this make me very glad I decided to start these forums, so THANK YOU. Please help me spread the word! :slight_smile:


I will also be happy when I need to “up” the servers for the forums. :wink:


I can go all old school myspace on everyone and start writing @weareafi and weareafi.com in Sharpie on bathroom walls. Would that work? LOL.


Small merch items is something I’ve thought about actually, lol. But not for a while…

The more people that find out about us, the better though. Word of mouth can be a very powerful thing. Basically, if any AFI member recognized our forums on twitter, it would be a spring jolt.


Haha, I know. I was joking (though I could resort to that; God knows enough of my friends did it back in the day). But I’ll keep tagging the site when I can. :slight_smile:


just joined up! Hello AFI friends.


WELCOME! So glad you joined. Let @STORMS or me know if you have any questions or suggestions. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums!


To all: Be sure to spread the word as much as possible about these forums. It’s only been two months that we’ve been around and we already have 1,200 posts and over 50 members!



Man, I haven’t been on an afi board in close to a decade. Anyone here I might remember from back in the day? I definitely recognize snobgrass :slight_smile:

Cool place you’ve started here, I especially appreciate all the love for vinyl I see around these parts :smile:


I was rather active on the DF boards back in the day, and I recall your name kicking around a bit.