Welcome to DespairFaction.Club! (name changed from WeAreAFI)


First off, Welcome! :slight_smile:

I was “DarquerThanEver” on the old boards but wasn’t very active for several years. I began these forums after researching whether or not the old boards were coming back. These forums have been active for almost three months now. We’re growing. :slight_smile:

Awesome. :slight_smile:


Hey Slinch, it’s been a while. Glad to see you on here! :+1:


Hi all, As I’ve only been an AFI fan for about 7 years or so I’m pretty clueless in comparisson to the rest of you so please excuse that haha. Not to mention I was fairly happy with my collection until I saw your guys’…
at any rate I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone!


Hey! Welcome! Don’t worry about collections/how long you’ve been a fan. :slight_smile: we just all love AFI and that’s the relatively important thing.

Let @STORMS or me know if you have any questions, and, again, welcome to the boards!


Yeah don’t be intimidated, some of us just prefer crippling debt (or have really well paying jobs). Everyone is welcome.


Welcome to the forums, Glenn! :slight_smile:

Regarding collections… I’ve found that some of us like to collect particular things/items which makes the knowledge in the room pretty strong. I’ll be anxious to check out your collection as well!

LOL! So true…


Just saying “Welcome!” to all new members here recently. :slight_smile:


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Check this out! We’re climbing!!!

In case you’re not sure why I’m excited about this, this basically means that if anyone searches “afi forums” via Google, we show up at # 4! This is huge because for anyone who doesn’t know about any AFI forums or this one might do a search to see if one does, in fact, exist.

This is called SEO in the website world, “search engine optimization”.

THANK YOU to all of you who have made this place what it is today! :slight_smile:


Yay! This is SO exciting! Well done.


@_tonibell @Snobgrass @Acidpickle @Glenn @4ibanez @Vanished @Sugar_and_Ice

Since I like to be as transparent as possible, I’m letting you all know that I have reached out to the Despair Faction inquiring about the old forums. Specifically, I have offered to host the old forums voluntarily, meaning if they still have backups or any data from the old forums, I’d be willing to bring the old forums back and host them for the fans.

I seriously doubt anything will come of it as I have absolutely no idea who I’m ever speaking with when I email the Despair Faction. Is it an AFI member? Is it Smith? Is it Fritch? Is it AFIHQ? Is it someone else…???

Considering AFIHQ is so involved with the band with being on their official site now, why could another fan (myself) get involved with the forums? PLUS, it just saddens me that there was SO MUCH info on the forums that is now lost.

Again, I doubt I’ll get a response, but it’s my effect to bring back what so many miss.


Good stuff. Hope we get somewhere with it. If you need anything, let me know. I do some (basic) design and (better) copywriting for my profession. If that comes in handy in any way, let me know.
I also used to frequent the DF forums and the AFI series board before that👌


Damn, @STORMS, good luck! That’s an amazing idea. Hope that someone has the decency to answer you!


I doubt it’s Smith or Fritch or anyone directly in contact with the band. Could be AFINewsHQ but I really think it’s probably a third party host (someone who works for Ground Central, etc.)…I doubt you’ll hear anything back (yeah, I’m a pessimist - read —> realist). Good on you to at least try it though, it’s a good idea. I mean the worst that could happen is you won’t hear anything.


GroundCtrl.net is now WonderfulUnion… so I’m guessing AFI don’t even use them anymore. It’s all probably linked to FanBridge.

But yeah, you’re probably right.


Seems like this should be for another thread, but you can actually pose questions to AFI’s Fanbridge page. Has anyone here tried this? It says there aren’t any questions yet so maybe you haven’t but maybe it’s just private messages to the mods or these questions are moderated.


I just asked (submitted) a question and it still says No Questions asked.


That’s a cool idea. Hope you get somewhere with it and at least, if not, you can say you tried. I’m sure lots of fans would be glad to see the old forums return :grinning:


Thanks. But, no response yet. It’s only been a few days, so hopefully I hear something soon.


Heads up all, I realized we were missing one of the key forums from the official forums: “Expressions of AFI”

That category / forum has been added!

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Well while waiting in line at 4 of the 17 blood tour shows I painted and made signs for each of the guys which are on my walll now

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