What do you look forward to with a new album?

Since we’re in the calm of an AFI downtime (with the exception of the latest Despair Faction package arriving soon!), I’d like to know what kinds of things you all look forward to when a new album is coming out.

I’ll give a few examples as to what I mean, for example, I always look forward to the intro song. Ever since SYMAOYE and especially BSITS, I’m always ultra excited for this.

2nd: Davey’s scream. Even though the Blood Album doesn’t offer this a whole lot… to give an example, “White Offerings”. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Blood Album, especially “The Wind That Carries Me Away”.

3rd: A hidden track. This really hasn’t been done in a while, but it’s something I really grew attached to with AFI, especially in the earlier years. Being surprised with Midnight Sun, Battled, etc…

What do you look forward to with the next album? (doesn’t have to be their literal next album, it can be something you’ve looked forward to before)

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For me, the big selling points for AFI have been Davey’s unique voice, coupled with strong vocal hooks and Jade’s atmospheric arrangements fitting perfectly into the context of a punk rock record that has much variety. So generally this is what I’m looking for in a new AFI record. Some anthemic songs, some dark, ambient stuff, and then a little bit of something I’ve never heard before, just to keep things interesting.


I also look forward to the intro track (ever since Black Sails in the Sunset, Strength Through Wounding is just…it’s the first song I heard from them and it still means so much).

Davey’s lyrics, I always look forward to working out what the underlying emotional theme of the album is.

I also look forward to the track that is kind of experimental (The Wind That Carries Me Away definitely), that fits with the album, but sounds a lot different from the rest of it.

And Jade’s composing, I love it so much!

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Whether I end up liking it or not, I’m always excited to see the direction they are taking with their sound.


Like @sayasha, I look forward to a or a few expermental tracks. Also, lyrics I can connect with and the odd word or reference I’ll need a dictionary to understand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
The latter has been lacking a little with Burials and Blood - I miss it. Educate me Davey! :joy:


As you stated storms I’m always in for the intro track,hearing the crowd scream,“Through Our Bleeding We are One” especially as we wait for the house lights to drop

.I miss the live Intros “initiation”,Miseria,prelude,torch song,and the sinking night.Live Miseria was a whole nother level after adam joins the recording and plays along the hihat and snare live ,then prelude davey was behind the curtain.awesomeness

Daveys well placed “oh’s” but his lyrics awell,reading the AOD lyrics by themselves if you had to guess is this a song or a poem,most would say poem his words are eloquent.

Jades Guitar Tone-STS was a magical tone from the chord intro in “this celluloid dream” to almost all the others he knew how to let those Barre chords ring out in a unique way


Last heard from Jade and if all worked out they would have began writing the next record as of a few weeks ago to a week ago,mostly it starts Davey and Jade in a room but life happens so wel never know,they never disappoint anything less tHan 4.5-5 years is fast.

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