What non-AFI have you been listening to lately?

Yes exactly haha. I watched part of one of their live shows and all I could think was “if Mercyful Fate played Dream Theater”. The vocalist even looks like he could be King Diamond’s bastard son lol. They’re more rock than metal though, definitely avant-garde. I kind of like them.

EDIT - Okay I just watched a live performance of “Rats” and I am fucking sold. What a kick ass band.

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As usual…I’m coming back to band that I used to listened in the past :slight_smile: And this time I gladly rediscovered the Dance Hall Crashers…an awesome ska/punk band with two female singers…

Check them out :smiley:

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After having OTWL on repeat for a month and seeing Blaqk Audio twice, I’m now searching out more darkwave music.

Currently listening to cold cave for the first time and am enjoying it a lot. Any other recommendations for bands similar to cold cave?

Check out a group called Priest, they’re a dark wave synth trio from sweden. Their album called New Flesh is amazing

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Cold Cave has been my favorite band for a few years now. I have always loved Wes’s writing going back to his American Nightmare days and they are incredible live. As for similar type artists, I’d recommend Boy Harsher, Lebanon Hanover, Minuit Machine, Drab Majesty whose a bit more guitar oriented but also fantastic. Another synth darkwave artist i recommend highly is Hante who just put out a great new album recently is touring the states right now.

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I’ve also been wanting to get into more dark wave so I appreciate the recommendations.

I tend to listen to one or two things over and over until I’m done and repeat the cycle with another band. Been in the mood for hardcore for the first time in awhile and have had Gorilla Biscuits and Rival Mob on repeat.

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I’ve been listening to the Sisters of Mercy First and Last and Always notstop since last weekend. In general I prefer heavier and and more guitar-driven stuff but so many of my favorite bands were influenced by that album.

The only bad(?) thing now is “No Time to Cry” has been stuck in my head all day. And I mean ALL DAY.

No no no no time for heartache no no no no time to run and hide…


I wore out Storm - such a deep techno album.

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I really liked his voice. I liked VNV nation, but VNV was more "selective " songs I liked. Assemblage I could tear into the full disc.

Man, I’ve really been enjoying this debut album from Idle Hands.

I saw them when they opened up for Iron Maiden on the Book of Souls tour. They were great live as well.

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I’ve been really into a lot of random things lately. Tallyhall and Cosmo Sheldrake and a bunch of random “waves” (vaporwave, chill wave, yadda yadda yadda). I’ve also fallen back into old German Tokio Hotel much to my chagrin lol

Does Blaqk Audio count? lol Loving the newest album.


Impaled Nazarene and Type O Negative.

I’ve been into a fair bit of Wednesday 13 and Dope lately, and just found out about Polaris recently, can’t wait til August, going to see all these guys live. Be my first concerts in about 5 years.

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Saw this in a theater last night:

It’s crazy how good Robert Smith still sounds 40 years in, and the rest of the band is great too. I probably would have made a few setlist swaps, but mostly I was just thinking about how The Cure has way too many good songs, even for a two hour set.

It’s playing all over the place, although maybe only for a short time. I definitely recommend it if you’re into them.

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Albums I’ve been listening to a lot recently:
Rainbow - Rising
Slayer - Show Now Mercy
Queensryche - The Warning
Scorpions - Blackout
Dokken - Breaking the Chains
Skid Row - Skid Row
WASP - The Last Command
Iron Maiden - Killers

The new Sum 41 album is actually pretty decent. They’ve been going back in the right direction since Dave Baksh returned

I found this band a few weeks ago, ‘Amyl and The Sniffers’ they’re fairly new and don’t have much out yet, but they’re pretty freakin’ cool :sunglasses:

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Newish band from Aaron Bedard of Bane. Pretty good - definitely heavier than Bane.