What non-AFI have you been listening to lately?


Been really digging ‘The Midnight’ lately. Also The War on Drugs.



Can you recommend me a few of your favorite cuts,I never got around to checking them out



Anybody like Night Riots? I’m not really big on a lot of bands that claim to be influenced by AFI but these guys are in my top 5 favorite bands. I decided to check them out when they went by PK after hearing them say some good things about AFI and have been a fan since.
They sound closer to 80s bands like the Cure than AFI though. Last year they opened for Blaqk Audio and, while it may not have seemed like a perfect fit, they put on a great show and seemed to be super happy to be touring with Davey and Jade. My current dream tour is AFI/Night Riots. They’re also repped by the same management team.

This is my favorite song of theirs. On some tours they play a mash-up of this song with Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.


“Your Hand in Mine” seems to be their most listened on YouTube and I like it a lot. TBH I usually just put an album on and minimise it, so not familiar with all the song names. Really like the albums “All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone” and “The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place”


Wow Contagious is awesome!Thanks for the recommendation they
Have a great singer and their songs climax in a way I wish early Dear and departed (are they
still around) would have ,Then any band who mentions afi and mash up Michael Jackson I’m an instant fan,GREAT REC!


Yeah contagious is awesome. It was their first radio success on altnation 3 years ago now. It’s always weird to think their fan base isn’t bigger than could be.


Wow,they are awesome I’ve been listening to alot of them today,I don’t get it either I can totally see them having a bigger fan base


Don’t forget to check out baby Night Riots, PK (they had to change their name due to legal reasons). There’s another album and EP worth of music if you get through the Night Riots catalog and need more.


Cool thanks your recs have been right up my alley


Anyone here into Can? The sound guy played a Can song at a recent show and I thought I should revisit a lot of that stuff. They did for rock what Miles Davis’ electric period did for jazz. Free improvisation to tape edits. Been going through their Lost tapes and it’s fun. I’ll leave their record Ege Bamyasi here for you to check out if you’re interested.


I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m into Can because they’re not a band I ever think to put on and I’m pretty sure I had only really listened to Tago Mago and Future Days a couple times before this, but this was a cool pick while doing other stuff around the house today. Good thread addition.


I’ve been listening to a lot of emo leaning pop-punk lately. Got into a lot of newer bands that fit into the genre like Remo Drive, PUP, The Wonder Years, Mom Jeans. Also, I’ve been playing a lot of essential angsty 2000’s stuff that I loved since the mid-2000’s like Paramore, My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday.


Haha, not sure if anyone in this thread cares but you, but



“I’m in love with you…and it’s crushing my heart” (that the band is breaking up! :sob:)


They’re killing it on Spotify.


STOP!!! I’m still sobbing over that concert. Like, I’m in deep mourning.


When I’m not listening to AFI…I simply go back to the basics :slight_smile: Sex Pistols, The Dwarves, NOFX, X-Ray Spex and the Dead Kennedys…nothing beats old good Punk Rock :wink:


Been listening to some old Bane and Snapcase lately and like the above post back to the basics for me… NOFX… anti-flag… tiger army … bad religion