What non-AFI have you been listening to lately?


Meg Myers is the shit. Only one month left until her second album. I already PO’d the color variant.


Yep, those Weezer vibes are strong. Seems like a couple years ago there were lots of bands (in a certain circle of DIY music) really drawing heavily on Weezer. Not a bad thing at all but this got me thinking I haven’t heard that style of rock in a while. Maybe the scene got Weezered out, or I haven’t been interacting with those circles as much. But it’s nice hearing that style again, especially blending it with some electronic elements.

Keeping the thread rolling, here’s a band from Japan I’ve been really tripping on lately. Maybe not the best place to start with their music, but this song in particular I’ve been obsessed with. The somewhat off-kilter rhythm, the blend of clean and distorted guitars, those ringing open strings, and Noah (yes, it’s a woman)'s voice, all meshing together to create this tune. Here it’s like the bass and drums are the lead instruments. Honestly I’ve been thinking about writing a song similar to this.

101a - “Shellfish” - from the album Lethe


Totally I know what you mean there was return to the weezer/Gin Blossom type of guitar sound and layering even the distortion and mixes,I had no complaints maybe because it takes me back to when I first really got into music as a kid.Its funny how to this day I haven’t kept up with weezer since the green album,but I still think they can crank out another classic like a blue/Pinkerton return to form,Rivers went nuts making an encyclopedia of pop songs and chords and I guess he wanted to stick to the formula and move units who knows it’s not a bad thing but he was formerly a speed metal player.crazy.
Dude I had to listen a few times,every instrument took me on a seperate trip and the rhythm would go then comeback wow that was awesomely done.Maybe you’ll dig this it’s by the velvet teen they deserved so much more love and attention amazing band.
It’s a well done fan made video for gyzymkid by the velvet teen


After the shenanigans they pulled last night. It’s been a bit of a Creeper day today.


I’m so bad about trying out new music. Bands frequently on heavy rotation are The Ergs, Against Me, King Khan & BBQ Show, and Royal Headache.

Y’all, if you’re into garage, King Khan’s first two albums are solid. They are also one of the best bands I’ve seen live.


Nice spacey progressive metal. Been listening to their new single all morning, two great new songs.


Oh man… I listen to a lot of random but well known stuff: Queen, Bee Gees, Duran Duran, the cure, depeche mode, guns n roses, goo goo dolls, etc.


Lars Frederiksen and the Batards— I was never a huge fan when they came out but a few songs have popped up on Spotify for me lately and I’ve been digging into their stuff and really enjoying it


The new Sick of it All album is really fucking good, jamming it right now.
Been listening to quite a bit of Misfits and Saves the Day lately, too. The Misfits because…well, it was Halloween recently of course, and Saves the Day because they’ve got a new record out. It’s not their best, but I like most of it.


I have a decently varying collection of music, but most of the time I stick to punk and heavier rock/metal. That’s been turned on its head recently as I’ve been alternating between two albums, Twenty One Pilots’ Blurryface and the first Crystal Castles album. :thinking:


Pretty much the only album I’ve been listening to lately is the new Foxing album. I have no interest in their older stuff, but Nearer my God gets me good.


A lot of black metal. Mostly 1349 and Satyricon (two of my faves) but also a surprising amount of Gorgoroth. :metal:

And some Venom for good measure.


I had no idea Saves The Day had a new record!Ill be sure to check it out.I loved In Reverie and Sound The Alarm those were great albums!

Been loving Kali Uchis

Ty Segall


I remember loving the 1st album when it came out. I should revisit.


I’ve been listening to Agent Orange - Living in Darkness all week. I never appreciated how good that album is before now. I always wrote it off for its simplicity. It is fucking excellent. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorites from the early 80s.


Lately I’ve been listening to The Architects new album “Holy Hell” on repeat, It’s really good and has a deep meaning to the band, so that makes it even better!


Have been listening to a lot of Ghost all the songs are so theatrical it runs like a play in my head. Just bought the Meliora deluxe vinyl. Rainbow Kitten Surprise is probably my 3rd most listened to this month.


I’ve been listening to a lot of RPG metal (like Tyr/Turisas) and serpentwithfeet on repeat lately.


I’ve reeeaalllly been digging Turnstile and Candy lately. I can see why these bands are so hyped in the hardcore scene atm, good shit.


I’ve been listening to a lot of Slothrust, and some VNV Nation, a little Raconteurs…

Slothrust is so good.