What non-AFI have you been listening to lately?


Really getting into Motionless in White. Really liking the newest album.:slightly_smiling_face:


I listened to Tiger Army’s Power of Moonlite for the first time last night and I can’t believe I’ve lived this long without hearing it. I’ve only ever heard Music From Regions Beyond but this is an entirely different level. I didn’t know Davey did guest vocals on many of these songs. “Under Saturn’s Shadow” is fucking incredible. Amazing lyrics. I’ve been wearing the shit out of it all day and still can’t get enough. Incredible…


Killing the dream - in place apart
Atmosphere - mi vida local
Crowbar - self titled
Rammstein - sensucht
Slipknot - iowa



Anyone else heard of/like the band Ghost? I saw one of their album covers a few months ago and thought they were a metal band at first. I had been meaning to give them a try ever since, because really I’ve found it an impossible feat to find a “newer” band that I like, especially one that claims to be hard rock.

Started listening to this. I was expecting to cringe at the wall of sound overcompression I’m confronted with every single damn time I try to listen to an album recorded in the last decade. All I can say is: thank you Ghost for not compressing the shit out of your shit. Sounds natural. I can hear real instruments all individually!

Otherwise - they’ve got a pretty cool aesthetic and an original sound. Breath of fresh air in an extremely stagnant genre. I don’t know what their more recent albums sound like but this is by far the most listenable for me in recent years outside of a few of my favorite metal bands - whose members are all now in their late 30s/40s.

EDIT - I’m bad at reading through threads before posting. :joy:


Yes! Ghost is amazing. The only new band that has came out in the last decade that isnt nu-metal over produced pop trash.


Yes exactly haha. I watched part of one of their live shows and all I could think was “if Mercyful Fate played Dream Theater”. The vocalist even looks like he could be King Diamond’s bastard son lol. They’re more rock than metal though, definitely avant-garde. I kind of like them.

EDIT - Okay I just watched a live performance of “Rats” and I am fucking sold. What a kick ass band.