Which Record is your favorite of the Blaqk Audio Albums?


Honestly to start it off i wanted to say that this community is amazing and well i love AFI and i love Davey Havok as a whole and he has inspired me in so many ways from his lyrics to his song writing to his personality but the one thing i remember is hearing about Blaqk Audio since i was a kid and i never heard anything so similar to it. The First time i saw Blaqk Audio was in May of 2016 and it amazing and if your wondering it was in Chicago. My favorite personal record of Blaqk Audio is Material because for 1 it came out on my birthday and 2 i think it was a pretty solid record. But the artistically one that stood out to me was CexCells and all of those songs to me were amazing in every single way. I never heard anything so amazing and so techno like them. I got to say Davey and Jade are a amazing duet in what they make with AFI and Blaqk Audio. The only thing i can kinda compare it to is Depeche Mode in some of their music. But anyways what are your guys favorite albums by Blaqk Audio and why you think that. I will also say Yes i am new and I have been a AFI fan since i was like 4 because Sing The Sorrow is my favorite record by them and the first taste of them and i never looked back. To me Sing The Sorrow is a masterpiece and i think that is the era of AFI people remember and maybe with DecemberUnderground era too but to me Sing The Sorrow is fantastic and Material to me is my favorite record by Blaqk Audio, Enough Said.



Personally, CexCells is my favorite.



My favourite is CexCells, very closely followed by Material :two_hearts: They’re both very strong albums with a mixture of styles and tempos.


Material, hands down.



I know this is an old thread, but it popped up on Google’s first page. Just wanting to say I echo your sentiments on AFI and Blaqk Audio as well, Otacon, and I’m still rocking every album weekly, with Material and Cexcells tied for my favorite; it just depends on the mood.

Rock on, guys - here’s to hoping we see another album from Davey and Jade soon!


Welcome @SeraphicRadiance !


I really think CexCells is artistically fantastic. The imagery we are shown is cinematic like. However, I like all the albums. They are all albums I listen to when I work out.