Who wants floor STS tix?

Hey y’all — I have two floor tickets that I would love to sell to someone who would enjoy themselves! I’m still going to the show I just decided I’m not a “floor” kind of gal in my old age. If anyone is looking for floor tix lmk. The lowest I can price them on Ticketmaster is $330 but I’m happy to go lower if you need — just trying to make back some of my purchase.


I have a ticket for the floor too and bring older I am a little concerned with how rough it will be but I dont want to miss the show , quite a dilemma. Did you buy tix for another area and then sell your general admission tix? Thanks

I have 2 seats in 208. I can’t go to the show :sob:. If anyone wants them.

Hello are these still available?

I might be interested in these if they’re still up for grabs… and if so, I’d have Section 128 tickets to sell.

Hello! Are these still available? I have two seated tickets in section 228 I’d be willing to trade for if you’re open to it!!!

Hello All,

I have one ticket for sale in section 102 row 8 seat 5. It is on sale in ticketmaster for $150. Go get it before its gone!