Would you buy a DFC shirt?

I wanted to gauge interest in a DFC (DespairFaction.Club) t-shirt.

The next step would be a good design… We’re not quite there yet. :slight_smile:



You know I’m going to buy one :wink: Sadly…I cannot help with the design :frowning: I’m awfully bad at mixing colors and creating logos :cry:

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Yes if the price is reasonable! :money_mouth_face:


I’ll likely do the orders through teespring unless I find a cheaper route.

Yeah, i’d Be interested, but I am also not so good at designing

I would if we can nail a cool design,I’d like a we are afi one too!

Let me know what you think of this. There’s a shirt and a hoodie. So many have to sell for the order to go through, FYI. I have the order capacity at 10, which might be a little high. @Blag @Ksf145 @AmyB1275 @TheMissingName @sayasha @Acidpickle


I dig it! I’ll buy one!

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I would definitely add a t-shirt to my collection!

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Don’t need to ask me :wink: You know I will buy one for sure! :smiley:

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Yes, love it! Would buy one.

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The design is good to purchase now and will be available till Friday. I can always make the design available again. TeeSpring runs campaigns but it’s good to keep the individual shirt cost down.

Gotcha! :wink: Just bought the t-shirt :slight_smile: Hope it arrives soon :wink:


Thanks dude,looks amazing,are you going to give one to one of the guys?I’m in to pitch in for the cost to give the band members one,if you think that’s cool.Thanks again.

The cost will be high to get a shirt in time for the shows I’m attending. We’re talking $40 per shirt, plus shipping… so it’s not very likely at this point.

I got the design finished too late.

If you guys are able to help put money towards 4 small shifts, I’ll try to order them tonight. Let me know! @Ksf145 @sayasha @Blag

I’m in what’s the total for them price wise so I can donate enough

I’ll have a price tonight and let you know.

Same here :slight_smile: I can match whatever Kurt is donating :wink:

@Ksf145 @Blag

The total is $135.64… I knew it was going to be expensive. I’m going through RushOrderTees since it is not very far away…

Still up for it? I’m having them printed on the highest quality shirts, the Next Level brand.

EDIT: I just tried through TeeSpring but those orders do not arrive until 10-14 days after the order is placed which actually WOULD WORK, but batches print every 3 days. So even if I ordered therm via TeeSpring, they wouldn’t be printed until possibly Wednesday… then woildn’t arrive for 10-14 days. :frowning: